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Check This

Check this!

For those of you that live in Portland Oregon be sure to check out the video of the Hell on the Hill Strongman Challenge on cable channel 11, Tuesday the 30th of September @ 8:00pm. This will be a first time for us to be able to have a local strongman competition air on TV, so lets get as many viewers as we can for this.

Tod Becraft

Now the question is: is Channel 11 one that Ko and I get on our TV? Hmmmmm…

Actually, I have different questions

Is this taking place live? If so, why aren’t you guys in it?


Argentina? I hope you’re saving those frequent flyer miles.

Uh, Antiliberal: perform a search for the “Hell on the Hill” thread.

That should explain a bit to ye.

I know the name is familiar pat, so I’m wondering is this a new one or a repeat of the one you rocked in already?

shit, I think you need cable to get this station.

tape it Patricia!

Rummy, we don’t have cable. Yeah, I know bummer.

Soooo…we’re going to enlist Ko’s sister to tape it for us. :-))