Check This Workout - Again ;-)

Hi Guys,
I was looking for a new workout (since the ones that I desinged were horrible) and I found this at by Matt Danielsson .
I need a 3 day split,so this one looks good but some exercises seem redundant…
What do you think ?

My current level is : intermediate-beginner (who skipped the basics)

Goal : mass

I also want to focus on my shoulders since I have narrow shoulders,let me know if you see that some parts of this workout can be changed to give priority to the shoulders.


MONDAYS : chest/shoulders,tris

Dumbbell presses on flat bench 2 8-10
Dumbbell presses on incline bench 2 10-12
Standing barbell military presses 2 10-12
Cable crossover flies (focus on contraction) 2 12-15
Standing barbell military presses 2 10-12
Lateral dumbbell deltoid raises 2 12-15
Dips 2 10-12
Skullcrushers with EZ-bar 2 10-12
Tricep V-bar pushdowns 2 10-12

WEDNESDAYS Back/Biceps/Forearms/Abs

Exercise Sets Reps
Deadlifts 3 10-12
Reverse-grip lat pulls 2 10-12
Dumbbell rows 2 10-12
Chins 2 10-12
Preacher curls with EZ-bar 2 10-12
Standing alternating dumbbell bicep curls 2 10-12
Seated dumbbell hammer curls 2 8-10
Reverse bicep curls with straight bar 2 12-15
Ab-machine of choice (Nautilus recommended) 2 10-12
Crunches 3 Unlim.


Squats 3 10-12
Leg presses (plate-loaded machine) 2 8-10
Leg extension machine 2 10-12
Seated hamstring curls 2 10-12
Face-down hamstring curls 2 10-12
Standing calf presses 3 8-10
Donkey calf presses 2 10-12
Lying calf presses 2 10-12

It’s pretty similar to what I recommended for you in your other thread although personally I think it’s too many exercises. Stick with 1-2 per bodypart and youll be fine.

Why not just pick a program from one of the templates on the site?

It’s designed by a coach for a reason…

[quote]rsg wrote:
Why not just pick a program from one of the templates on the site?

It’s designed by a coach for a reason…[/quote]

I can’t find the workouts ! There are so many articles but no workouts,well, I can’t find the links anywhere!!

Try this: