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Check this Split..


its Kevin Levrone's 3 day split..

hes on a transformation right now, its all over youtube..

anyways here it is..

Day 1 Chest, shoulders, triceps
Day 2 Quads
Day 3 Back, biceps, hamstrings
Day 4 Rest

im not sure how hitting shoulders with chest is good.. you would hardly be able to shoulder press afterwards :stuck_out_tongue:

i want to try this split out, gimmie some advice on if i should or not..


Personally, I don't think that even an above average athlete should lift chest and shoulders in the same day. Trevor Smith also used a similar split, and in an article posted on T-Nation, the writer wrote, "Trevor trained chest and shoulders/triceps on consecutive days. While it obviously worked for him, I feel that the average trainee needs more rest since these muscles are overlapping."

I have been using Dorian Yates's split and have loved every minute of it, I have posted his split below:

Dorian Yates Split

Monday: chest & biceps
Tuesday: lower body
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: back & rear deltoids
Friday: OFF
Saturday: shoulders & triceps
Sunday: OFF


hm... you know i do need a BIG change.. and since i work chest with BACK.. this will be good..

that looks like a really good split..

now some people HATE splits, but hey.. i love em :slightly_smiling:

Thanks a lot man! ill def write that down and keep it in my mind for my change up this upcoming week.

Thanks again!


that's a pretty weird split.


It's a push/pull/legs split.... whats so weird?


Wow this split is most definitely game changing. I think this masterpiece should henceforth be known to man as The Levrone Split (tm). I mean the man's a genius, this is TOTALLY gonna change the way people train. I can see it 10 years from now we're all gonna be looking back at this day and say: Wow, how could we have been so stupid has to NOT train with The Levrone Split(tm), I mean seriously?


So true. I mean, its gonna wipe all the other splits off the face of the earth.

Maybe you could do this split 4 x week, spéitting it into 3 workouts everyday?

Like some awesome TBT type shit.


Obiously he's doing it because it works for him, just like dorian yates split works for him.


Unfortunately, CT chose not to add Trevor's thoughts on the matter...

Training chest one day and delts+tris the day after is no problem unless you go crazy with the volume...
I don't do it anymore, but it works just fine.

That is just one of dorian's splits (the one he used last I think).

Another one of his is
Chest, delts, tris
back, bis
continue cycle

Among others.

Chest+Delts+Tris in the same day only works well if you
a) don't do any heavy pressing for tris
b) go low in volume
c) avoid presses for delts maybe
d) make good use of the smith machine and other machines to keep the stabilization problems at bay after your free-weight work...

You could also just do a 3-way like the one mentioned above (yates 3-way) or this one:

Chest+Back(+traps if you do no deadlifting or rack pulling here)
Delts+Arms (order depends on exercise selection... Free-weight CGP always goes first, for example)


Why, it's Levrone's ! That makes it special! (did he even train like that at all back in the day or is it just taken from some ghost-written mag article?)


This is the kind of thread that makes my head want to explode! there is nothing radical or wierd about this split anf it is far from uncommon, it is a time tested split used successfully by alot of people.

having said that there are always variable but since know one is anyone except themselves only your own persoanl experiance will dictate whether you like or find such a split productive.

For every given split you can argue pros and cons sometimes I think the majority waste so much energy doing so had they just applied that to their training they might just find the majic lay in the effort and not the split.


no it isn't.