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Check This Out - Feedback?


the gym at my university is closing for 2 weeks, starting on december 20

so i got the idea to just do clean and presses with cardio until then

the program will look like this

saturday and sunday- 1 hour of cardio

Monday/Wednesday/Friday- Clean and press with a full front squat 2 warm up sets, 4-5 work sets of 15 reps

cardio throughout the school week will be 30 minutes

Im currently cutting so is this good? or should i add something


What purpose do you propose this will serve? Burn more fat?

If your gym is closing take advantage of the time you have left. Not to mention that high rep oly lifting is pointless.


yeah, my goal is fat loss.

since my current split is plateauing, i was just thinking about an " only cardio" routine until the gym closes

i want to do this instead of starting a new routine and having to stop right in the middle


Your split is plateauing ? You mean you are plateauing :wink:
Sure you don't just need some time off OR if you stall on a few exercise, just switch to alternatives for a while?


I definitely need some time off lol

that is why i want to only clean and press while doing cardio until that two week break

then i can start a new split

does that make sense?


No gym? In a fat loss stage? Do some crossfit WOD till you get your gym back.


yeah, my school closes the recreation center every semister for maintainance stuff,

but Im definitely willing to do Crossfit, can you explain


Have you checked any local gyms off campus? They might be able to hook you up with a 2 week membership for cheap. Stress the fact that you are a student.

Even Globo Gym is better than no gym.


To do 4-5 sets of clean and press for 15 reps you would have to use a pretty light weight. Anything after 6-8 reps of the clean and press gets pretty sloppy with me but I would rather work for weight than reps on this type of exercise. 5x5 with descent weight would be some good cardio. But I don't know about doing it 3x a week. Switching it up wouldn't hurt.




I took your advice and did 4 sets of 8 on the clean and press, then my ab routine

i think im going to do 20 rep squats on wednesday

thanks alot


there are other gyms but i already used my guest passes this year back in spring,summer and winter break, they only give you one per year


and my city only has bally's and 21st century


looks good!!

I'll definitely give that a shot