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Check This Out....Boldanone


Hi my name is Michael,

I am 28 yo, 5'11 165 lbs. I'm at the end of 5 years of Endurance training. I'm a wildland firefighter so hiking and running has been the story of my life. I've run a marathon and I've participated in 2 organized 100 mile bike rides.

That being said I've shedded most of any size I had post High School sports (football, baseball). I'd like to take my long term training plan into a more balanced stage. Ideally I'd like to be a fit 190-195...powerful but not heavy.

So I've done 1 cycle previously when I was 21, it was an 8 week 30 mgs a day D-bol cylcle. I gained about 15 lbs which I lost quickly over the next year. I haven't maxed out in a long time but I know I can probably still bench 185. I've got powerful legs (for my size)...so squad 225 maybe:)

Here I go with my proposal. Disclaimer: I know only what I've read on the internet, I have an older friend who I'll be bounicing ideas off of as well, but I'm a NOOOOOB-k-.

Week 1-2 20 mgs DBOL 2x pd pre workout
200 mgs Boldanone every other day
Week 3-4 20 mgs DBOL 2x pd pre workout
150 mgs Boldanone every other day
week 6-10 150 mgs Boldanone every other day
week 12 100 mg Clomid per day
week 13 50 mg Clomid per day

Pls comment on prob/changes...whatever. I'll post a couple pics tonight when I gat home.

Thank you ahead of time,


How about you eat something and stop running marathons.

Youll gain 20 pounds in a year without gear.


Eat food. Food can get you at least 20 lean pounds. 5'11 185 would still be rather small to start a steroid cycle but at least it wont sound as pathetic at that point.

Your cycle plan is not even close to ideal. So if you are hell bent on using steroids to get to 5'11 195lbs you should do more research and come up with a better cycle. Your lifting stats are no where near appropriate for AAS either. A potential 185 bench press max for a 28 year old man is not something to mention in public.

There is no doubt in my mind that this cycle will fail. The first reason is because there is no shot 525-700 mg of boldenone will net you 30 pounds unless you eat 2.5-3 times what you are eating now. And since you are 165lbs it is unlikely that you are eating enough to grow as it is. Eating enough food to add 30 pounds is not like flipping a switch. Lowering the dose mid cycle is pointless. PCT is improperly laid out as well.

Post a days worth of food if you want additional feedback.


Can't argue with what that.

mgern - give your body some time to transition from distance work to lifting. I'm guessing you've got a pretty fast metabolism, so even if you eat a shitload already, you'll probably need to bump things up and take a very methodical approach to bulking. Find out what works, get the weights moving, and then come back in a year.


This has to be one of the funniest comments i have read on this site this year!! LMAO!

OP - He's right however crudely put. Boldenone is not a very anabolic steroid, no matter what the anabolic profile says.
(For the most part the Androgenic:Anabolic profiles [based on test 100:100] are bullshit).

20mg of dianabol is a very small dose and only used at that dose for those wishing to use it as a bridge in the AM - not your aim.

Substitute the Dbol for test, and the Boldenone for Deca and then we are talking!

BUT - as people have mentioned, your size is very small, i was 10lbs heavier and 3" shorter when i started using ASS 'properly'.
Dont pay much attention to the slams on your lifts, contarary(sp?) to popular belief, while strength IS very important in gaining muscle, it is RELATIVE to the person.
I am weaker than many, yet more muscular at the same time, my frame simply isnt designed that way - but it holds muscle well.

When i say weak, that would be a 265lb bench, 315lb Squat and a 405lb deadlift.
These are small numbers for many here - much less than many achieved naturally, however as long as i use heavy weights to stimulate my muscles regularly and eat enough, 200lbs at 10% is easily maintained at 5'8" - and 225lbs will be achieved in soon enough time. 16stone for a guy my height with decent bodyfat is by no means average.. and my lifts then will only be approximately: 315lb Bench, 405lb squat and 495lb Deadlift.

I dont know where you are from (without checking), but the Americans are generally stronger and larger than the Brits - due to a couple of reasons. One i believe is an abundance of food and the second is the fact that in America they teach strength sports from a young age - baseball, American Football and the accompanying weights to improve stats in the sports.
By the time most sports keen 18yr olds leave school in the states they can often bench 2 plates a side for reps, this is NOT the case in the UK, with most sports keen 18yr olds either slim and weak but agile and nimble, designed to succeed at football or cricket, or naturally larger but not experienced with the weight room for those into Rugby.

(JMO of life on both sides of the pond).



there aint too many chunky bodybuilding marathon runners around

if youre serious about bulk you will need to munch like a grazing animal

thats how it feels when your trying to gain 30-40 lbs

also i dont know where you got that cycle from but its far from optimal

(think test at 500-750 a week for 10 weeks ) after you get your diet up to 5500k per day

(that will take some working up to )


The reason Americans are stronger is our superior phallic size.

No seriously though... I think your views on this might be skewed. Joe average american has a gut, eats nothing but cake and beef grease (with a diet coke of course), and doesn't go to the gym because he doesn't want to bulk up and look like those bodybuilder guys. Of those that were high school athletes: by the end of college, the VAST majority are no better off than the average population.

I think you might just be a bit skewed on your vision here, because of your interaction on sites like this.

We do have superior phallic girth, however.

And if you want those numbers to go up, stop with the HIT Jedi nonsense. :slight_smile:


Thanks to all of you who posted a responce...even you BONEZ;) What I've learned is: I need to build up to eating 5500 cal a day then I need to use test as a base with deca. I had an idea this is what I'd hear though. I shyed away from those two subs in particular due to sides:) I am however commited to preparing myself properly and therefor I'm confident I'd be quite safe using these subs.

Thanks again,


Depends on where you are.

Youll find people are alot more concerned with their physical appearance in the Southern states, mostly because if your fat its miserable in the heat, and because you cant hide your shame with clothing, again the heat.

And 99% of people played some sport as its warm nearly year round.

Girls and guys.

Its rare to find many, young, completely out of shape people, even the guys who eat like crap will lift pretty heavy and get fat guy strong.


Wow, went to Body Building dot com forum...lame. Makes me appreciate this one more.


I understand the AVERAGE american is out of shape - as is the AVERAGE brit.. which is why i wrote 'generally' and 'those into sports'.

But on a whole, whether fat or muscle americans are bigger than brits and they lift more weights from a younger age - of those who want to.

I started training at 13 - and with free weights at 18. From 13-16 (high school) there were zero facilities to train with weights. ZERO.
Thus when the normal - into fitness/weights lad comes out of high school in the UK and US, there is a vast difference...

I am not talking about the fat, drunk average human being. I am talking about the boys that become men like us.

It has nothing to do with this forum - i was married to an American girl and spent quite a lot of time there.