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Check This Nonsense Out


New illegal alien amnesty bill, http://d.yimg.com/kq/groups/17260182/1610997888/name/ftc-vi26.wmv

These guys just have to go.


Do they think they can really back door this?


How old is that video?

You know who granted amnesty to illegal aliens?

President Reagan


Your point? It was wrong then and its wrong now.


Yep, Reagan was not perfect. Read the bill it's a piece of shit as the man said.


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That video is from back when Bush was president, isn't it? There is no immigration bill now.


Seriously, a two year old video and you call it "new"?

Then another idiot says they're trying to "backdoor" a dead bill.

Then somebody else says I should read the dead bill, with much seriousness.

You guys are fucking clowns.



Now shut the fuck up.


I am deeply concerned as to why the Heller Amendment was shot down, which would verify legal status for those seeking the government option of healthcare. If you really want no healthcare for illegals, there must be some measure to enforce it.


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You're fucking joking right? That's the best you could do?? "According to a well placed Homeland Security Administrator..." and "Rumor has it..."

I was almost excited to read the article to have something real to debate, and surprise surprise, it's more nonsense. I guess your thread title finally panned out. This forum has turned into a self-sustaining circle jerk of massive fail.


Just because it is not 100% confirmed does not mean I/we should not pay attention. He gave a pretty short time frame. It very well could turn out to be not true, We will find out soon enough.


Reagan should have been executed :slightly_smiling:


Here is where I break my civility rule.
Pittbull, If you just kept quiet no one would know how friggin' stupid you are.


You're a friggin asshole. Let alone worthless and stupid. Go fuck yourself.


You still didn't respond to whether or not you sympathized with all the workers at caterpillar, GM, or other companies that rely on cheap steel.

Or can you not see the connection?


I support American steel , as I support American industry


You are small minded and so predictable. I think it is funny that you feel the need to try and hurt me verbally.


You probably think I care how you feel.