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Check This Minimal First Cycle


1st cycle

I am trying to go for minimal # of compounds in order to see how my body reacts.

12 weeks 500mg Test E + .25 Adex

PCT after 2 weeks of the end of cycle.

Day 1 = 100mg Nolva
weeks 1 and 2 = 40mg Nolva
weeks 3 and 4 = 20mg Nolva

Goals: add strength while keeping %bf low.

Stats, 37 yo 190 11%bf

question: is this PCT ok or is it overkill?


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I wouldn't front load the Nolva, just do the standard 40/40/20/20.


Adex .25 a day

The reason behind the 12 weeks is that I'll be doing GVT for 6 weeks and them switching to a strength program for 6 more weeks.

The question that i have is: should I start shooting wen I start GVT or should I start a few weeks before, if before: when?




if you frontload 1000mg test on day 1 of your gvt then you can go through 8 weeks of the cycle and make things easier on yourself.

IME gains will still come even after the last shot because you will have a huge amount of androgens in your system for a couple weeks after. they dont drop right when you stop pinning they drop gradually

so if you stop at week 8 recovery will be easier but you should still gain up till week 12


I prefer to keep it 12 weeks that is the length of my training program.

Do you thing that i should front load in my first cycle even though I am not sure about the side effects???


Why don't you compromise on a 10 week test e cycle? That way you'll still have test in your system for 12 weeks as weeks 11 & 12 the levels will gradually fall to the point when PCT can effectively begin. Adex at 0.25mg/d is a good starting point and adjust as required. Nolva should be fine at 20 mg/d for the full 4 weeks of PCT (with a 100mg 1st day frontload split throughout the day) which would be weeks 13-16 if you stop at 10 weeks as I suggested. Why be a glutton for punishment (recovery) on your first cycle? If you go 12 weeks - that is 14 weeks of suppression. Instead why don't you concentrate on doing everything else as perfectly as possible to max out gains? Like nutrition, sleep, training...


Thanks fo ryour imnput.

When should I start the cycle?


It doesn't make sense for me to do a 8/10 weeks cycle if I am doing a 12 week program.

If PCT is good and am prudent with my protocols should I not recover well???


Start your cycle when you have all your gear and ancillaries and when it meshes with your work, family, and training plans. I would front load the test e too in order to get results earlier. Another option to get the max out of your cycle without impacting recovery is to:

a) Substitute test prop for test e for weeks 11 & 12. Then you can start PCT about 3 days after last test prop injection.

b) Do the 10 weeks of test e as I outlined, but add in dbol 3 x 10mg/d in weeks 8-12 continuing it 2 weeks past your last test e injection. Then you can start PCT the day after your last dbol tab. That'll end your cycle on a high note.


how does it not make sense?

do you understand the half life of the drugs you are using?

ill make this simple, for my sake I ahev a huge horrible migrane.

when you take these drugs to week 8 you will be "on" them still through week 10 and then slowly from there it will drop.
so at week 12 the end of your program you will still have a super high level of test but your recovery would have started at week 8
because you do not have any drugs actively being released into your system.

so it would be simple go thru week 8.
week 10 start taking a few pills instead of a shot and then you will be done with the program and the cycle at the same time on week 12.
and you will be back to normal and able to focus on resting after this 12 week thing instead of worrying about pct after.


Guys i really appreciate your time.

But no one has answered my question.

WHEN should I start?



I would do monday and thursday injections and start on the first monday after starting your program

frontload so you can atleast take advantage of the test right away.


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Thank you for your time and input BUT no one has answered my question.

WHEN Should I start?????

Precisely at the same day that I start my program?

One week before?
Two weeks before?
3 weeks before?
4 weeks before?
5 weeks before?


Maddy actually gave you an answer a few posts above this.

It just sounds like you're trying to make things a little tougher than they need to be. Eat, sleep, train, toss in magic supplements... it's not going to make a big difference in the overall scheme of things if your training cycle isn't perfectly synced with your cycle.


paralysis by analysis....

1 simple-clear question 12 answers!

I am going to another board now

Have a good weekend.


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maybe you are better off if you can not understand that everyone is telling you the same thing.

God where is all this dipshittery coming from. its mind numbing


If you didn't get the response you anticipated, maybe it is because you didn't put your question in any context. What kind of a dumb assed open ended fucking question is wailing "When should I start?" like an obnoxious spoiled brat and then taking an online tantrum when you are not understood? That shows a lot of appreciation for the time and effort dedicated to you!!