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Check This Guy Out



The guy has a point. Have at it guys.


He's obviously a racist.


God damn... America is so fucking funny right now


Long-legged Mack Daddy...

The guy is an alarmist (no, I don't see mass white riots happening). But, at least he's freaking entertaining!

Hoo-boy! Long-legged Mack Daddy! That's golden.


I like when he said eh would join them if they let him, haha!


I agree with alot of what this guy is saying, the way he says it is kinda funny. I relly do think an uprising is coming soon because people can only be pushed so far. I've commented on this topic before and I really hope race does play a big part of it. For me, race isn't a factor in all this because freedom and liberty aren't skin colors. Unfortunetly most people of color seem to agree with a more socialist set of ideas.


Get it right. it's "Long-legged Mack Daddy half-breed usurper illegal alien two-tongue liar quasi-Muslim socialist communist Marxist FREAK."


He disagrees with Obama, he is clearly racist and "mob-like", what's wrong with you people.


This guy is awesome.


No, its worse than that.He's a sellout & uncle tom!


Wheres the democrats defending themselves with logic? He is obviously part of the dangerous angry MOB taking over America.


I wonder if any black people were deemed racist because they opposed somehing Bush said or did.


True, I take it to mean if law abidng people get riled up it would be quite a different story than ghetto hoods rioting.


I looked this guy up on Youtube. Some of the things he says in his other videos remind me of Uncle Ruckus from Da Boondocks.


He kinda reminds me of a certain reverend friend of the president.


that certain friend of obama, told obama he would turn on him when he became president. wonder when that is going to happen.