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Check This Fight Out


Couple a bigg'ns... talk about a "shiner"


try this



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page cannot be found fights are the sweetest...


Try the second link...not sure why the first one dont work since it is the link I was given to view it.


that's kimbo slice, i'd hate to fight him.


Who is this Kimbo Slice guy? BTW why the fuck are two grown men fighting in a backyard like 12 year olds? That's pretty sad isn't it!


It might have something to do with very low IQ's. But, I could be wrong.


Kimbo is a famous street fighter in Miami. If you have ever seen the movie Hard Times with Charles Bronson that's pretty much it. These guys fight for purses of about $1000 per fight from what I hear. Just straight up street fighting. I heard that he might go pro boxer or mma, but I haven't heard anything lately.




And yeah, it's pretty sad. I like it when some guy in the back says "run dat shit bird"


kimbo slice does appear to be a badass in this video but go on google video and run a search for his name and then watch the video of him fighting sean gannon. kimbo doesnt seem too tough anymore as sean gannon kicks his ass. kimbo's "posse" even tries to give him an unfair advantage and he still loses. first gannon tries a guillotine choke and the posse jumps in and says "no choking". then, gannon gets kimbo in the same position and starts to throw knee strikes when that stupid ass posse jumps back in and says no knees. they fight in what looks like a wrestling room in some unfinished gym.


Seen it and it seemed like Kimbo ran out of steam. I heard that Gannon got in some trouble over that fight. He is a cop in Boston right?


yep, he is a cop in boston. he has had 2 MMA fights i believe as well. dont get me wrong, for being a guy out of jail kimbo is a good fighter but it just goes to show you that if he is up against someone of equal weight and power that actually has some skills it is a much fairer fight. you could see gannon's mma experience with the choke and knees.


True. I think that Kimbo is a true brawler, you can see the difference between a brawler and a trained figther in the Gannon fight.


Street fighting without elbows or knees? Give me a fucking break..

It's bareknuckle boxing and had Gannon used his MMA skills Kimbo would have done. Instead it was fight of will and Gannon clearly won.


I agree, Gannon won. It sucked that Kimbo's entourage had to jump in every few minutes to give rules to a bare knuck street.


Hey Rhino,Were the hell is Mr.T?I pitty the fool!
I'll see his ass in surgery.


LOL I watched it again just to hear that. I didn't notice it the first time around. That is funny! BTW Hard Times was an awesome movie. Another example of how something in a movie is cool yet in real life it's pretty sad.


That was awful. If you're going to have an underground fight with no rules then everybody should stand back and enjoy the show. I loved the way "Team Kimbo" couldn't handle the fact that kimbo wasn't so great against a decent fighter and had to keep stepping in every 2 minutes.

Makes me appreciate Pride so much more - good fighters, good camera work, a proper ref and the entourage stay in the corners where they should be.


The fight between Gannon and Slice reminds me from back in HighSchool when one of the schools top wrestlers beat the ever living shit out of the schools #1 feared bully at a party! Skilled fighting will always win over some dumbass (Slice) that thinks hes tuff shit because he threw a few haymakers at some random guys off the street.