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Check Out This PM I Got!


Best laugh I've had all day!

If any of you aren't familiar with 'Mr Push Ups' he's posted in a few threads about chest training in the 'building a better body' forum.


Did he offer to pay your plane fare from Australia?


Don't accuse others of idiocy if that is how you spell gym.

I can't believe the mods let that through. Do they check PMs?


I, for one, would hope that they only do it on a sollicited basis.




my money says it was from Heffernan


175lbs and ripped, so ? ah little boy both in body and mind.


By the way, I thought it was commonly referred to as "John" rather than "Jim". Either way, I would decline. George Micheal probably wouldn't...


I just want to say sorry guys, it only took me like, 2 years to ruin 'the best site on the internet'.

And he's been here what, a week?


"you'll see what a ripped 175lbs looks like"



LMAO, check the best pec exercise thread, I posted what he sent me there, what a douche


I think you'd find that PM's are completely personal, and the mods can't see yours. I think the only way they'd go into your PM's is if there was a BIG problem. And even then, they'd probably have to change your password to do it, so you'd know.

That's funny. I had a guy from a ( completely unrelated ) forum once offer to pay my planefare to his hometown so he could 'beat the shit outa me'. He was from a one-horse town near as I could tell ( no amusement parks ), so I declined. Now, if chinadoll, you want to pay my planefare to Hawaii, and beat the shit out of me.......... let's talk. LOL.

\|/ 3Toes


I did full range of motion, elevated pushups yesterday and got a really good pump in my chest. It's a great exercise to do if you can't make it to the gym.

?Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless?
? Bruce Lee


Yeah well if you come to my house I'll show you that my dad can beat up your dad...


The mods do not check PMs.


You're not coming to my birthday party.


Maybe we should all PM him telling him how much of a jackass he is.


Think God for that.

PS, Chinadoll, those nude photos of me AND the ones of me wearing the yellow g-string and the matching cowboy hat are just between us, right?


The little man weighs 175 at 5'11". 5% BF is BS. I'd be willing to bet that the guy whacks off to a poster of Bruce Lee everynight.

Hey Push Up Bra: Post some photos of you ripped 175 pound frame. Until then I call TSB on anything he says.


You didn't send her the one of you with the sheep and the midgets, did you? You said those were just for me!