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Check Out This Biceps

Male or female this is an accomplishment!

Looks like a beating heart in her arm.


That was almost disturbing. The background music didn’t help much.

i am not trying to offend anyone at all, but i think she really looks like a man in all but the face.

It’s an accomplishment as far as a freakshow. I second - she looks like a man.

Facial features aside that is some sick ass development she’s got in her bi’s… the separation between the two heads is scary looking when she flexes.

Female Bodybuilders: Erm… don’t snap my spine

Female Figure Competitors: drooooool

her bicep looks like a misplaced silicon tit , normally it’s longer and grows in peak ,
and for some reason her arms look more round and not masculine like a male bodybuilder on that size…

humph , maybe just me , sick world I tell you everything blurred.
men are douchebags and girls are amazon femminazies

That looks more like a she-male.

That is some crazy development she’s got there - for a man or woman - that is an impressive physique.

I personally don’t think a woman should ever look like that, but kudos to her.

That was freaky. There was a thread about her a while ago, she is very interesting. Probably the most obvious steroid side effects I’ve seen on a female bber. She’s well aware of it, but her goals are to be as huge as possible. She has an incredibly impressive work ethic.

Here is the old thread: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1083324

Here is her site: http://www.rennetoney.com/

[quote]tumbeh wrote:
Male or female…[/quote]

Indeed, that is the question.

[quote]Wreckless wrote:
tumbeh wrote:
Male or female…

Indeed, that is the question.[/quote]

I watched three other of ‘her’ videos before I figured out it was a her.

What’s the opposite of ‘shwing?’

my only question is why the hell does she still wear a bikini top as if she were even close to still being a woman, that someone might find attractive…and as for any ‘I’d hit it’ comments, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have a say in it…if she wanted some she’d take it

Im pretty sure thats a man dressed up in drag.

When I wrote “male or female” I meant that that bicep is an accomplishment for either gender. She’s not hurting anybody by taking her body to extremes so I say live and let live.

I have made remarks in the past about masculine features on female bbers and figure competitors. I was just being an ass and trying to incite.