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Check Out These Cops Work


I was recenetly a victim to theft and I was told about this website juststolen.net that police officers started. I'm attaching a article not a link to the website.




First post here, eh?

No offence, but this site sounds a little fishy.

You record all your most prized possessions, give a little personal information, just in case something gets stolen in the future?

Sounds like a good way to set people up to steal their goods. Makes the thieves jobs a little easier when the victim thinks he/she can trust the ones robbing them.

Just something to think about before anyone jumps in head first and gives out any info to this site.

You can usually register any product with the manufacturer, and that's enough proof that it's yours.


I called these guys and I confrmed they are real cops. The only required information to sign up is:
First name, email address & zip code.

Check out this article thats on their media pagea American Police Beat