Check Out These Abmisal T Stats...Little Girl Status Son

So i happened to be at the docs (a rare thing for me) getting tested for mono when i decided while i was there to get my T levels checked, i suspected they were low. I was 20.5 years old.

Testosterone,Free/Tot,LC/MS/MS 284
Testosterone, Free % 2.06
Testosterone, Free 58.5

They say the range for the top figure is 250-1100 ng/dL so technically because im within that range theres no need for concern but i think thats bs. I know the common factors that depress T levels and most of those dont apply to me, im not overweight, i drink in moderation, i dont chain smoke cigs. Wat do you guys think.

Need lab range for FT, always.

What is your waist size, weight and height?
Where do you carry fat.

Testes ache?
Any fever when testes ached?
Testes smaller or less firm?
Hanging normally?
Lost some peripheral vision? check both eyes.
When did this start?
Was that proceeded by a blow to the head or whiplash?
Describe body and facial hair?
At what age did you start to grow tall and when did that finish?
Work place exposure to chemicals?
Ever used gear or prohormones?
Loosing hair?
Used hair loss drugs? -even one dose?

Some drugs, Rx or OTC can reduce T levels, but not this deeply.

You need to test LH/FSH to determine if you have primary or secondary hypogonadism.

In what ways do you feel unwell?
Skin changes?
Can’t handle stress?
Allergies or hives?
Muscle loss?
Reduced coordination and balance?

Where are you located? -affects treatment options

appreciate the help but no im not overweight, ive never used hairloss drugs, anitderessents, prohormones and any steroids. A doc said my boys seem normal and hang normal i remember from my last physical. Im 6,3 and 185lb. I dont grow that much facial hair naturally and could be described as a late bloomer. Ive had one minor concussion in my life but id say thats really not a factor here.

This is the range for the values
250-1100 ng/dl

my results
Testosterone,Free/Tot,LC/MS/MS 284
Testosterone, Free % 2.06
Testosterone, Free 58.5

you see alot of complaining about low t but id wager a bet some dinero u wont find someone posting a lower ng/dl number then mine.

You do TRT or investigate why this happens, then perhaps you can recover to some extent.

How do you feel these days?

I’ll see your 287 and ‘raise’ with a 207 result (while on 100mg compounded T-lotion). what do I win besides a lifetime HRT struggle?

I was at 197 once after crashing 2 weeks after an injection at the doctor’s office.

as far as i know its been a condition of mine. Like i said i was always a late bloomer, i don’t think any specific event caused it. I lift weights on occasion and have a decently healthy lifestyle so im not going to be able to find a reason why. If i was to use HRT id only want to in the short term. They say this cant be dont but i figure you can use the same drug bodybuilders use when coming off roids to kickstart your own natural T production and youll be all set. At the same time keeping your body’s T level up will allow it to make the changes that would come naturally to others.

I would do more testing before jumping into HRT.

you should read through the blood test sticky and get other things checked out first.

If you want to try a restart, there is no real need to do HRT first - since HRT would just suppress your ‘normal’ production even further.

hmm im not sure what you mean by a restart? like i said ive never used prohormones or roids of any kind. HRT therapy is never considered for the short term. I believe that most sites will tell you that once you start HRT your expected to continue with it for life. Im just saying theoretically you could use whatever drug bodybuilders use to kick start there natural T levels when you feel like discontinueing the HRT after however long.