Check out the $20 bill

This is really eerie.

This stuff is purely coincidence. Don’t go and fret about a couple of numbers adding up. This is just like what happened a couple of years ago with the Pink Floyd and Wizard of Oz thing.

Kind of an eerie coincidence then and it seems awfully coincidental. Ever heard of the Iluminati?

No, what is it? This reminds me, after 9/11 my friend showed me something on the computer with the flight numbers or something. What you do is type the flight numbers in a regular font and then switch it over to wingding font. Once you do this the sentence or whatever you typed turns in to a plane, a tower and a skull. Once again I can’t remember it totally, but it was in the format of an addition problem.

Man if you fold that 20 dollar bill around enough you can create just about anything.

I remember that too. Unfortunately, that was a hoax. The flight numbers used werent the actual flight numbers. I dont recall exactly, but they were slightly different. I’ll post another message about the Iluminati later on.