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Check Out My Workout

I started this full body workout like 5 weeks ago and the gains have been amazing but Ive kind of hit a plateau -check out my workout and let me know if I should change anything or maybe its time to do a more traditional workout. I'm getting stronger but ai don't seem to be getting much bigger -thanks

My workout program
All are 3 sets

flat bench 6 x 265 (was 225 x 6)
Bent over rows 6 x 150 (was 110 x 6)
military presses 6 x 135 (was 110 x 6)
Leg press 350 x 8 -newbie
barbell curls 80 x 6
overhead tricep pull whatever x 8

Decline bench 6 x 265 (was 225 x 6)
Chin-ups -as many as I can do -1
DB shoulder presses 6 x 55
Squats 8 x 135 ( just learning )
reverse barbell curls 8 x 80
dips -as many as I can do -1

Incline bench 6 x 225 (was 185 x 6)
close grip chin ups
military press 6 x 135
deadlifts 8 x 155 (just learning)
DB hammer curls 6 x 40
Tricep pull downs 8 x whatever


First off, grats for the improvement.
Evrything seems fine but one thing I might add is : variation is good.
When looking at your training program it looks like you?re going full strenght, but a tip is to do some endurance training at some of the workouts.That you?ve hit your pleateu is probably because your body have get used to the training you do so go for some variation. good luck =)


My advice, if you have been on the same training program for five weeks it may be time for an overhaul. At least switch some things up every three to four weeks. I love variation and get bored doing the same thing so I use the Thibaudeau's Pendulum approach year round, combined with a good diet I love it. Of course, I vary the program to better suit my needs. There's a lot of good info round these parts, if I can be of assistance let me know. Stay healthy.


I agree with this but I definitely wouldn't start doing endurance work unless you're an endurance athlete. The problem after 5 weeks is more than likely rep ranges. It looks like you're training in the 6 - 8 range. Try 3-4 or 10-12 for a while. Rep range is the first thing your body will adapt to.


when I say endurance training I didnt mean that you he shoud become a endurance freak but that he realy shoud do something with lighter weights and higher reps and higher reps for awhile, that woud give him a better base to build on, endurance is a imporant factor.


I'd say you might want to switch up your routine and seriously prioritize your training. Is bench really that important that you need to do it three times a week?

Your back seems pretty weak if you are only rowing 150x6 at the same time bench 265x6. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way but that seems like a major imbalance.

There isn't much in terms of lower body work and in my opinion there should be much more. Your lower body looks weak in comparison to your upper body. After all deadlifts and leg press do not have a tremendous learning curve. I would reconsider the work that you do for your lower body.

Do you ever change you rep schemes?

Do you deload ever?

Any weeks off?

What are your goals?

You need to keep your body guessing in a sense and when you hit a plateau, something has to change.





I can row alot more but my back starts to round -just keeping to low weight to learn to keep my back straight


I agree with this post and want to add another point. You said you're stronger, but not growing now, right? Me thinks you need to also tweak your diet. Sounds like you need more calories. Bump that up and continue for a couple weeks and reassess your body comp.


Good post, I missed the part where he was not growing, just read about the plateau.

PA: if you answer the few questions I asked, you could probably answer your own question as to why you hit a plateau.


You may be mistaking the fact that you can't do it without your back rounding as a learning issue when it could potentially be a weakness?

To answer the original question, yes if I were you I would find a new workout.


Waterbury has a few great full body workouts.

Also if your just learning squats and deadlifts do them FIRST. I would start every workout with one of these two exercises