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Check Out My Squat?

I went for a pr yesterday of 350. The first squat was really good, but I dont think I was deep enough, the second squat was WAYYYYY deeper, but I’m not sure If i “goodmoorninged” it too much, could you guys take a look? I am looking for usapl legal depth.

1st. youtube.com/watch?v=N6cRyIGfOW0
2nd. youtube.com/watch?v=I4MVgF98Oio

I thought the first one was legal. The second one was past legal, but you are right, you bounced on the bottom and got pitched forward. The weight is a lot heavier when its not lined up and gets out in front of you like that.

Strong work, keep it up.

Boy, you look really young.

You were clearly deep enough on your first.

Your second looked like a max effort. Yeah, you folded a bit. But form often slips when at max. Just try to minimize it when repping lower weights.

Great job.