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Check Out My Size


Okay just bought this tire off a guy who sells tires, actually kid who works for me did and sent me picture. Any body in here flip one this look and size? The kid who works for me weighs about 290 pounds and does NOT lift weights. He flipped it once and rolled it to his moms house. Anybody have any thoughts? yea it was $100 bucks and the guy has 7 more he will sell for $75


that kid in the picture flipped and rolled it? damn, next poundstone...
if that's a normal sized trash can behind it, then yea, my track coach had one of those bad boys. never seen one anywhere else.

Only a few of the really big shotputters could flip it, and i was the only sprinter who could do it if I really tried, but most other high school sprinters dont deadlift 500+ pounds...

most of the time what we ended up doing was having like 2 or 3 guys work together on it at a time.


Maybe your tire is on this list:



Okay this is the kid who works for me and he does not lift, now he does weigh 300 pounds. So do I really need gloves, will be flipping on concrete?


Looks about like the one I've flipped (probably a little bigger, yours is), hard to say. Learning HOW to flip makes a big difference. It doesn't necessarily make sense to the typical weightlifter than you need to push your body INTO the tire (like forward) instead of trying to simply pick it up.

We also used a tire that had a 2X4 nailed to it's side so you could get your fingers under it easier (I know, kinda cheap move but it was for working the muscles, not working on wedging your fingers in). I would suggest you do the same to save your fingers.

In case it wasn't immediately apparent(as I tend to miss things like this), you'll need 2 2X4s on opposite sides and ends.


Sorry missed this, we called the manufacturor 1200 lbs new and loaded and 500 pounds old and unloaded.


What size does it say on the side? radial? if not how many plys? also type should say L-G or something.

Don't wear gloves helps to get it wet dose with degreaser and wash

Nice 67-72 stepside btw my favorite truck ever made


^ sorry man not my truck, that was the place I bought it from. Just out of curosity why No gloves?


Besides the obvious "gloves are for pussies", gloves will weaken your grip. Like shoes and the dead-lift you wanna have as little material between your skin and the tire for optimal grip.
Just chalk up beforehand to ensure that your hands are dry.

Also, the profile of the tire is flawless, so I don't see any reasons for using a 2X4. If for some reason you do, one will be enough actually. You'd set your grip at an 30-45° angle from the block and start flippin'.

Also, remember to warm up your biceps sufficiently and always drive through your hips. If you get stuck, never try to struggle it up with your biceps, that's just asking for a tear.


I have never used gloves to lift, however this tire is hard to grip. I have already flipped it and logged it in my log in the over 35. I found out about the bicep thing but I am getting it down.


if this 300lbs kid you speak of with no weight training background flipped it cold right out the "box", then I'd say despite the tire's apparent size it must not be too heavy.

a fairly heavy tire is gonna be hard or impossible for any guy to flip 1st time without any prior experience with this type of training.


dont ever pay for tires i got mine for free 500 pounds


I just picked up a 450lb and a 650lb tire for free for my gym. I agree you shouldn't have to pay.

We get ours from a place that recycles tractor tires, they had some over 1,200lbs... one day.


Dude those things are huge... respect