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Check Out my Old Labs

Can you guys give me the run down on my labs from 2019? What am I looking at here? My problem is seeing the correlation between the numbers or draw any conclusions as to what my hormonal position is. I currently just connect how I feel with the numbers and can only draw theories.


I’m mostly inferring about the relationship between LH, FSH, SHBG, TT, FT and the estrogens. Can anyone paint a picture for me? Back then the doc said I was eligible for TRT, but I’m still confused as to what this all means.

Looks fairly normal. Was this doctor working for a TRT clinic?

Yes, He was the head doc at a TRT clinic. I presented with symptoms of insomnia, low motivation/libido, achey joints, depression, anxiety, unexplained weight gain, nagging injuries etc,.

Pretty old already. You might want to get new labs drawn and compare them. See where you’ve changed in 2 years

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Meh, maybe. SHBG is high, keeping your FT low. You could try to lower that and free some T up, see if you feel better. Or you could try TRT.

Again, who knows what’s changed in 2 years.

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I just got them drawn Saturday morning. Due to Presidents’ Day they’re delayed a little bit. I’m excited to see them too. I’d really rather not jump back on TRT, but maybe try to optimize what I already have. I’ll be eager to hear what you and others have to say about those when they come in.

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How would you lower SHBG? I noticed that too. So essentially it’s binding the testosterone I do have?

Back on? If you’re looking for a reason to go onto TRT then a TRT Clinic is the place to start since its in their best interest to get you on. What does your PCP say? How old are you? How is your fitness? How is your fatness? How do you sleep? What is your drug/alcohol use like? Nutrition? Exercise?

Honestly I think most of the guys on here would have been fine with your numbers and never gotten onto TRT.


I agree about my numbers, but I just don’t feel like I’m my best energy/motivation, physical capability wise and suffer from frequent bouts of depression and have panic with generalized anxiety disorder.My PCP is like many others and sees any numbers on labs as normal and wouldn’t even listen to anything regarding even a hormonal checkup like labs. I’m 28 years old. I generally get 8 hours of sleep a night. Very mi I don’t drink alcohol, smoke, dip or use any drugs recreationally. I was injured in 2019 with 3 bluffed discs and scapular nerve pain that sucks pretty bad and have been on hydrocodone for about 6 months now. I want to get off, but I still hurt very bad. Was in PT for one year. Sorry if this is garbled but for some reason the site keeps messing up my typing by bringing up another banner from T-nation. Learned a lot of stretches that reduce migraines from the occipital nerve compression, but no real improvement in ability to do much upper body movement. I do some pull-ups and push ups but very low volume due to pain and migraines. In pain management now which is a money pit with only bandaid options available. My diet is generally healthy with very few sweets. Macros are generally 30% carbs, 40%protein and 30% fats. I’m always down for improvement in diet, but there’s so much information and I try so much I just get confused and get burnt out. I just go for the healthy options of food I crave. All organic. I’m about 17% BodyFat.I hit or exceed micronutrient values in MyFitness pal and Chronometer.l. I’m 28 years old. obstructive sleep apnea. Very mild with only 5 events per night.d k

Yeah I was on TRT at an anti aging clinic which was trash, then moved to Defy Medical for a month before getting severe migraines which at the time I attributed to the medication but now I know was from nerve compression. I got that sorted out and now just wanting to optimize to feel my best.

Well first you should focus on your sleep and talk to your dentist about a antisnoring dental device. Life changer for me. Second, how long have you been having the symptoms you are describing? Was it around the time of this blood test or after? After your injury in the last 24 months?

Yeah talking with dentist now. I was born with a cleft pallet. She has a stem cell recruitment something or other that I can where like a retainer that will lower the pallet to open room in my sinuses and widen the jaw. May do that rather than the absolute stupidity that is the APAP. All these symptoms started in 2013 while stationed in Okinawa most notably the panic disorder and occular migraines with which I go almost completely blind as well as the fatigue, low motivation, weight gain, depression and it goes on and on. I never felt like myself again. So to answer your question it all started in 2013 and I didn’t even begin thinking about hormonal imbalance until 2018.

The injury I believe is chronic but was severely aggravated in November 2019 and it’s been downhill since then in and out of the doctors office

Before 2013 I had not a single issue that I described.

If your so mild with apnea then the PAP machines will probably make sleep worse. I got the same sleep study results.

You dont remember anything happening in Japan at that time? Head trauma etc? Exposure to anything toxic etc? Again, your blood test doesnt really show much. Interested to see your most recent.

There were lots of knock outs during some pretty intense martial arts training as well as a ?JP-9? fuel incident onboard a naval vessel in the pacific in which I ingested large amounts of the fuel through the water supply, food and through the skin via my clothes. An important factor I didn’t mention is that every single one of my symptoms is classified by the DOD in the retirement paperwork I have is considered to be Gulf War Syndrome. Can upload the document with redactions but I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s pretty much a catch all diagnoses for symptoms they can’t explain and that happened in early 2012.

I’m not sure if that paints the picture any clearer, but since the onset of symptoms I’ve been looking for an answer and TRT sounded promising although there are definitely neurological issues as well.

God damn dude. No need for the document. Like you said, its a catch all. They fucked you up and put a label on it. I mean you may find some relief with TRT but honestly I doubt it. Your bloods dont look that bad. I think you need to investigate the ramifications of the poisoning honestly. Have you done extensive bloods on nutrients and vitamins etc?

Thanks for understanding bro. It makes me sound cool or something but my life has never been the same since then. I never would have believed anyone when they told me it was panic disorder if I knew I was poisoned at the time but honestly I didn’t think anything of it until I got a letter in the mail from DOD inquiring about the incident which was really a sorry not sorry letter. Atleast I got full medical retirement with every benefit there is afterwards without ever really opening my mouth. Health wise the military sucks at finding causes and what not. I have had full bloods with micro nutrient values and vitamin values and it showed I had too much sulphur in my body and deficient in Vit D and Magnesium. I don’t have that document as it was in 2017. I just started getting more sunlight and taking different forms of magnesium which I still do. I just saw TRT as something that would help me push past all the symptoms and maybe make me feel physically and mentally in charge again rather than be totally controlled by the symptoms That I mentioned. In 2015 I even did the dumb dumb and tried some prohormones (after all this initial medical trials and all that)just to see if having an exogenous hormone in me made me feel better and it didn’t, but when I was at 1100 TT I felt on top of the world, but I guess that’s to be expected so i don’t really think being at 1100 and liking means that’s where I should be.