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Check out my band!

Hey people!

Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to check out my band. We are a modern hard rock group and are working on pre production for our first major label release in ther next year. Just go to this site and you will hear one of our songs come up. Tell me what you think!


The site is prety bare bones because a new one is being built, but the music is still cool.

Check out my wife’s music review site www.southofmainstream.com. When you cut your CD, we’d be glad to post a review on it.

I lkies it. Good production - you musta spent some coin on a nice studio, eh?

BTW, what do you play in the band?

That is good man, the vocal remind me of chris cornells voice a little bit. Are oyu the singer?

Looks like you are the bass player, but I could be mistaken.

I generally don’t like that type of music, but I think that was a killer song that I heard. Good luck to you guys, you will go far.