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Check Out My Baby

I’ve decided that I’m done with commercial gyms and their overpriced fees and retarded staff. I’m buying my own power rack and weights. Check it out, I’m picking it up this weekend:


I’ve talked the guy down to 600$ and I think this is a really excelent deal. 245lbs should last me for atleast another month.

I’m gonna throw it in my garage, and cover the floor with foam mats so I can do some proper power cleans.

What do you guys think?

foam isn’t worthwhile, get rubber. foam will just compact itself everytime you rest the bar on the ground.

Well that’s just a dumb idea. Why would you want to build your own when you can use someone else’s?


Nice piece of equipment. Jealous, but that amount of weight (hopefully) won’t last long.

Hey zep, how thick do the rubber mats have to be to protect a cement floor?

might want to check this out, http://www.shermworks.com

[quote]evansmi wrote:
might want to check this out, http://www.shermworks.com

It shows a pic of a dumbell hooked up to that thing…why the heck would that be necessary?

[quote]evansmi wrote:
might want to check this out, http://www.shermworks.com

Very cool idea.

Do they have Tractor Supply Company in Cananda? They have 3/4 inch rubber mats that are usually used for horse stalls. They sell 4x6 pieces and they have 10x10 and 12x12 interlocking sets. The 10x10 and 12x12 aren’t really those dimensions though. They are about 6 inches short each way. They smell but it goes away after a few weeks. I have been very happy with these mats.


bpeck, there’s lots of farm supply places around here… I will check out what mats they got. I was going to use these crappy rubber mats they use in pre-school gyms, the ones that interlock not the blue gymnastic mats.