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Check Out Eatthis for 30-10-30 Article

This was written by a Rodale editor of mine: “The 30-Second Trick that Packs on Muscle” by Jeff Csatari.


Great article! Put in terms that anyone could understand and hopefully this is a training technique that really takes hold in the mainstream! It really feels exciting to be an early adopter in a new training strategy based on old school ideas!

I hope you are right, Dave. Thanks.

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Interesting article on precor.com by John Meeks. He did research on who first used the term “Metabolic Conditioning”. His research indicated it was Arthur Jones in 1975. This really didn’t surprise me, but someone else writing this was a little surprising. So, the current METCON training is related to what Arthur did back in the 70’s. Something else he doesn’t get much, if any, credit for.

Just finished reading the Nautilus Bulletins 1-3, put out by John Wood on Kindle. Well worth the read or reread!