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Check Out CT


The 'top, in all his glory.

And--in case you're calling 'bullshit'--this pic is definitely not photoshopped. I know the guy and his arms are gargantuan.


I noticed this in one of his last lame 800 collect commercials.


I used to see him a lot at the Gold's in Vegas, and that is indeed him...


I really wish he'd pull his pants up a bit.


I had no idea....... Good for him!


One of the ugliest images to ever assault my eyes, who is this freak?


When he does shows in Torrington, CT, he works out at Nautilus Plus, where I used to go years ago. They've got some pictures of him with the regulars on the bulletin board.


I cannot believe that is Carrot Top. He looks incredible. I remember seeing him when he was skinny. I'd love to see the program he has been using.


His comedy show is alot less funny now that he is ALOT bigger. To be honest he makes me uncomfortable as an entertainer now and the speed at which he got huge is absurd (though he was most likely underweight before).


This should be the next Powerful Image. It goes to show that you can be a dork and be buff at the same time.

Actually Charles Poliquin said one time that intelligence was a big factor in how successful you would be in bodybuilding (along with good pre-trained calves and forearms). I've never seen Carrot Top's SAT scores, but I'm willing to bet that he's pretty damn smart with some of the shit he comes up with.


He's been big for awhile. He lived (maybe still lives) right by Rollins in Florida. A good friend went to school there and would see him around a lot. He's clearly been hitting the weights. Hats off to him. Now if he would only take the time to learn to be funny. In my opinion, he's not.


he's pretty vascular...unnaturally vascular.

i'm just saying...


Xen Nova - I was thinking the same thing...


Ditto here.

Ugly as hell, too.


My buddy saw him at a company conference he said the guy was pretty funny and really racy...he was surprised because the stuff he saw on tv was always pretty sanitized.


Easy boys...say what you mean.


Yeah but who cares? I mean the guy is shredded, and he used to be super skinny. Give the guy his props. I mean, he doesn't compete, doesn't need to be huge for his job, dude just obviously loves the iron and you have to respect that. Isn't that why we're all here anyway?

I've seen him a couple times, once at a casino in Michigan and once out here and I have to tell you, his stuff was pretty funny. Definitely got my money's worth.

Let's just hope his comedy doesn't go sour like Joe Piscapo did.



He's not that big really. Well built yes, but not huge by any standard. And the vascularity can come from training and proper diet. Look at Thib's forearms. Look at his gf's physique. My 2 cents.



Better to be ugly & a bit more buff, than ugly and scrawny.


I've noticed that he has been getting bigger for the past couple of years. It's just now that people are realy starting to notice. I think that is great. We need more well built people in the public eye.As long as he doesn't end up at the Viper Club going balistic and throwing the rest of Hollywoods actors around like javelins.