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Check on Deadlift Form


Looking for some input again from the collective wisdom in here. Heaviest I have DL since my fractured vertebra in 2004. I know my hips came up at the start, but might be normal at something I'm assuming to be close to 100%. Input is appreciated.


looks good to me, your setup is a bit low, but whatever works for you, and yeah your hips come up fast.


your back is crazy hyperextended instead of getting your hips through on the loxkout


Looking for constructive criticism as well... Thanks


Looking for constructive criticism as well... Thanks


Khalid, wow you are crazy strong guy that's for sure, but your form is appalling! Your lower back is rounded before you start and stays rounded all the way up and with your bent arms, you are a bicep tear waiting to happen.

That said, you're a damn sight stronger than me, so what the hell do I know?

As far as constructive advice goes, I'm no expert, I'll leave that to someone better qualified tha me.


FarmerBrett thanks for the input. As far as the arm is concerned, I need surgery to correct an old injury. It would stay bent if I had twice as much weight in my hands. The other is bent to a lesser degree. You know how it is with us masters, we've accumulated "x" amount of injuries over the years and some of us just live with them. Also, I was noticing the rounded back as I reviewed the video. I'd like to think that was an isolated incident. I usually train alone so I don't get any feedback. My son had the idea of doing the video's and it's been helping locate and diagnose my technical flaws.


Lockout with the glutes and keep the spine neutral. You should be pushing forward at the hips instead of leaning back.


youre a lot stronger then me, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but in addition to what the others have said, it seems to me that your very fast off the floor, but your lockout is weak in comparason. I know uve got chains and that contributes, but i saw another video you posted, i believe it was 700 straight weight, and it was the same thing, it flew off the floor but took longer to lockout. I think if you work on some heavy rack pulls, as well as what these guys said, you could have 800 in very little time


I got fast off the floor pulling medium to medium-heavy from a box. I'm starting to work on heavy lifts from a box. With the hip activation, my son, a former college football player, has been using some of their old drills to teach me to activate my glutes. Also, I've used rack pulls in the past but they were very painful at my right elbow. I think the injury I sustained to it was still fresh at the time. I should be able to reincorporate them into my training.


masters? haha check out rip's video on youtube for correction of form

do not hyperextend yourself like that!

khalid, take down the chains, relearn proper back position, you can and probably WILL hurt yourself doing that, mayby not today, not tomorrow, but you will.


Thanks, it never hurts to revisit the basics.