Check My Plan Out? Thanks

Hi everyone here at T-Nation!

I would be much obliged if some of the more experienced members here could comment on my trainings plan, which I’ve been doing now for 2 weeks.

The 4 months prior have been spent on just building up my general strength with a full body plan, designed to beef up my back, shoulders and legs without injuring myself. In the immortal words of George Bush… “Mission Accomplished”. I know I’ve made progress because of the amount of plates I’ve had to buy in the 4 months, and by looking in the mirror. I now keep a log book and am happy with the increases in volume in just the 2 weeks that have past.

Body facts: 155 lbs at 5 foot 5"… Body Fat % doesn’t interest me at the moment as I just want to get bigger and stronger. In the mirror I look appealing, but could use a haircut.


Reps & Weights are from the log book entries from this week.

Tuesday 45-55 minutes

Squats (almost atg)
20 X 125 (Warm Up) then 15 X 145 / 10 X 167 / 04 X 175

Bent over BB Rows
20 X 80 (WU) then 15 X 100 / 08 X 123 / 05 X 135

Bench Press
20 X 80 (WU) then 15 X 123 / 08 X 135 / 07 X 145

Wednesdays off

Thursday 45-55 minutes

20 X 80 (WU) then 15 X 123 / 08 X 135 / 05 X 165

Military Press
15 X 55 (WU) then 15 X 65 / 10 X 70 / 08 X 80

Lat pulls
20 X 45 (WU) then 15 X 55 / 10 X 65 / 05 X 85

Fridays off

Saturday 65-75 minutes

Sitting Front Press
20 X 85 (WU) then 15 X 135 / 12 X 155 / 08 X 175

Leg Extensions
15 X 35 (WU) then 15 X 45 / 10 X 55 / 06 x 85

Preacher Curls SZ Bar
20 X 25 (WU) then 15 X 45 / 10 X 60 / 08 X 72

DB 1 Arm Bent over Rows
3 X 10 X 40 p/side

DB Side Lifts
20 X 6 (WU) then 10 X 15 / 8 X 15 / 5 X 20

Sunday & Monday off


Training days: 3100-3300 calories 220-260 gm protein & 180-200 gm Carbohydrates spread over 5 meals.

Off days: 2500-2700 cal 150-170 gm protein & 120-140 gm Carbohydrates spread over 6-7 small meals.

If anyone sees something that they think could be better as to the choice of exercises, their order or rep structure, please feel free to chime in. Please consider that I’m just trying to get bigger and stronger at the moment, and plan to work this schedule for the next 4-6 weeks. My target is to get at least as strong as 10% of the ladies in the “Powerful Women” forum.

Thanks for your time and cheers.


Why do you eat less protein on off days? I can understand why you would drop the carbs slightly, but why reduce the thing that will really help you recover? I’d bump that up to 240g minamum and that should put your calories more in check as well.

Thanks for your answer.

The reduction in protein was simply based on what I eat on the off days i.e. more salad, veggies and jogurt as meat, fish and poultry.

Do you really think that I’m working out hard enough (as a beginner) to warrant more help in the recovery? I mean it’s no problem to bump up the protein, I’ll just pass what I can’t use.

I don’t think you can ever recover too much! 150 grams is right at the bottom level for protein intake. I would shoot for 1.5 x your body weight everyday. Keep calories around 3300 if thats what you’re gaining weight on. Possibly a bit less in the form of carbs on off days? Up to you though.

Volume is low. You’re only doing 3 sets a week for chest? Check out the “do this routine instead of that stupid one” thread by KingBeef in the body building forum.

Thanks for the link. Wow I’m not doing shit.

Surprisingly enough I got this beginner plan from a popular BB forum here in Germany, and everybody here (even the Mods) swear by it. It’s meant to build strength and technical proficiency without injuries, or burning out your nervous system.

But maybe you’re right as I feel like I could do more.