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Check My Form.....Again


Hey guys tried to do a few things better this time and wanted to know if it looked any better to you guys. This is 505 on a slightly above parallel box, or what I think is slightly above parallel

here's a link to the last video



Can you do 505 without the box? It looks like because you know there is a "safety net" you just plop down on the box.

What's the reason you are box squatting? To help you get out of the hole? To check your ROM?


dude don't plop. lol. i know it happens with heavy shit. looked ok to me. hell looked perallel to.


looked a little short of parallel.
Plopping on the box a bit too much.


box squatting because I suck out of the hole I can hit ass to grass with 405 and after like 2 I sit down and can stay there tight forever but I lose my breath and just can't get out of the hole. I am really working on my starting strength but it if looks that bad maybe I should just be working on free squats for a while longer before I get back on the box.

I am coming back from a hip/back injury, alignment problem. I think my brain/CNS just cuts in and I drop, the thing is it doesn't seem to be a drop when I do it but I can see it. So is it that bad, should I just lay off the box squatting for awhile until I get the plop gone. I'm kinda lost, the only close powerlifting gym is about an hour and change away. I might have to just head down there for awhile and see how my form gets better.

Edit: The most I have free squatted lately is about 450 and it was not a problem. Once I get moving the bar usually leaves my back if I don't make sure to try to decelerate on the up so i think the starting strength is the issue. So I've really just been hitting the box squats though.

last I tried I had about a 365 bent knee GM and an ugly 585Lb deadlift(that was before I got my hips in line though so could be better or worse now) I'm kinda re-training the movements so if the consensus is I should drop weight and work on form then I guess thats the call.


Aside from the plopping, you don't appear to be sitting back on the box or relaxing your hips, which takes much of the benefit out of the exercise. Also look how you're coming up, your pushing forward when you should be pushing up. Start the movement from the box by punching the traps into the bar, driving the heels through the floor and reengaging the hips.


Well getting out of the hole is a lot of glute work so you will want to do some assistance exercises.

I would lower the weight until I really got the motion down then slowly add weight. Like Thib always preaches about focusing on your body instead of the weights, get your biomechanics down first.