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Check My First Cycle

I am working overseas for the military in the Mid East. All my gear is bought from a pharmacy. I have done my diligence to confirm that they are real. I have my diet planned out and am ready to get this thing started.

This is what I am working with:
8 weeks
500mgs/w Test En
400mgs/w Deca

I have nolvadex and clomid on hand already.

I have some Primabol on hand and was wondering if I should try to fit it in to this cycle or should i hold off until my next?

Theres a few things missing here… I’d like to see some more information about you. (Age/Weight/Height/Cycle History/Years Training)


Injection schedule is helpful as well. And what your PCT will actually be, rather than just saying what you have on hand.

To add to the others…where is the AI? In addition is this your first cycle? If so, I don’t know that you need the deca, though I don’t see anything wrong with it. I also don’t believe you need 400mg a week as 300mg should be plenty…this is jus an opinion though. Stats and info still needed.

400mg/wk Deca added to 500mg/wk Test will really wreak havoc on your libido and recovery without a Dopamine Agonist drug to lower the resulting increase in Prolactin.
IF i were to run Nandrolone with no AD - which i simply will never do again - i would opt for 200mg/wk over 6 weeks max. JMO.

You will also need drugs to prevent the Testosterone (and Nandrolone) aromatising into Estrogen.

You would benefit from a Frontload massively in this example too.

I assume Primabol is Primobolan? Is it Enanthate or Acetate (inj. or oral) and how much do you have?

As far as where to stick the superdrol clone, it’s all up to you. You can do it as a “kick start” (albeit probably not a worthy one), use it in the middle for synergy, or sell it to a friend since you have a couple incredible compounds for gaining size and strength and will probably make the superdrol not even noticeable.

lol, is that ‘Primobol’? How naive of me… i should have guessed a PH!

Brook I think you went over his head on that post haha.


[quote] Brook wrote:
lol, is that ‘Primobol’? How naive of me… i should have guessed a PH![/quote]

I really feel that this forum would be a lot better off if there was no inclusion of PH’s and DS’s in the discussions. A majority of the riff raff that waters down the quality of this forum is focused on PH’s and DS’s.

Seriously why not just go over to anabolic minds where they jerk off to discussions about their epi/SD/PP mega pulsing stacks.

OP this is not a dig at you. I’m just speaking in general. But do a bit more research on your cycle before you start pinning. You’re close but not there yet.

I whole-fucking-heartedly agree with that shit right there!

The REAL AAS are covered sacrilegiously in ‘old school hormones’.


Dont get me wrong, I agree with both of you, but that request is next to impossible. There’s always going to be people asking about them.


[quote]BMC85 wrote:
Dont get me wrong, I agree with both of you, but that request is next to impossible. There’s always going to be people asking about them.


Yep I agree. But you never know if there is some guy reading right now debating whether or not to post a cycle critique on his epi/hdrol stack. Maybe he will be swayed to post on a site that is more in tune with PH/DS discussion, rather than this one.

thanks for all the responses.

And we are on some serious time differences here.

I am 6’ 205lbs. Age 33 been working out constantly since I was 25. I have good access to gyms here on the military bases.

I will be taking the Nolv during the cycle, 10 mgs a day, 20 if any sides show up. As far as any concerns about my libido…I am on an army base guys…these girls are ugly. And the few that are do-able…everyone else is trying to hit that. So it is pretty much work, gym, eat, sleep.

Day 1 Post Cycle: Clomid 300mg
Days 2-14: Clomid 100mg ED
Days 15-28: Clomid 50mg ED

No i have come across some differing opinions on using Nolv during the PCT as well. What do you guys think?
All help is very much appreciated.

I missed a few questions there…

injections 2 per week 250 test, was going to do 200 deca 2x a week, but that seems to overkill based on some of your responses. This being my first I will def defer to those who are already in the know. And as above…Nolv 10 mgs a day.

The Primo is an enanthate. I have only 500mgs at the moment, but I can readily get more. I picked it up as a gamble. I wanted to get my hands on it to inspect it the best I could to insure validity. i had read it was an often bootlegged gear.

And bone, based off what I have read in the responses, I am going to put this off for bit while I get some more information. I have the gear already to rock. I am just going to refine my cycle a bit, and make sure it looks good to the power that be.

Thanks to you all. Great forum guys.

People tend forget a couple of things when planning their first cycle.

1- Its always good to know how your body reacts to single compounds that you’ll use repetitively like Test Enanthate. When combining Test & Deca for your first cycle you lose that.

2- Diminishing returns. You have your whole life to stack multiple compounds. 500mg of Test E/wk for 8-10 wks will give you more than the results you are looking for. When you start out with over a gram/wk of gear, you’re jumping too far ahead too quickly.

Just food for thought.


Thanks BMC…I think i am going to sit back on the deca and run solo with the test EN. Since I am going to hold back on my deca and Prima, what is the best long term storage options?

[quote]NakedChoke wrote:

The Primo is an enanthate. I have only 500mgs at the moment, but I can readily get more.[/quote]

It is a decent drug… stack it with a Class II and you are good to go. However it is weak and needs to be dosed highly.

Yours is the injectable long acting one, which IMO is preferable over the oral. But you will need at LEAST 400mg a WEEK when stacking it, and at LEAST 600mg/wk if used alone, or with something like dbol.

I get it cheaper than most and still cannot begin to think about affording it in a cycle… the gains simply arent worth spending the money IMO. If it is free, then fine, use it up… it goes well with CII steroids apparently (i only used it alone with VERY mild effects… barely noticeable at 200mg/wk - not worth paying a normal amount for)


what would be a good stack with the Primo? I see a lot of different things around.

I was considering doing Primo only in the future as a cutting cycle. I can get enough to do it and the cost is not that bad, IMO. I always live by “you pay for what you get” I have heard it is rather great at getting you rock solid with out the worries of sides.

Your cycle, your body, your goals - your choice. Cant you choose the drugs you want to use yourself?

Oh sure…Just curious if you knew off hand some good ones. Thanks for all your previous help.