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Check My Diet?


Hello folks, looking for some help, currently trying to get the leanest ive ever been (always naturaly flabby) Could you have a look over my diet and excersice see any flaws.

Monday Tuesday and Thursday diet:

4 Whole eggs scrambled, a tablespoon almond oil 1 slice of granery toast

Couple of hours later couple of bits of fruit apple, 2 small oranges

A plate full of lettuce, rocket, spinich, red pepper and spring onion with 2 table spoons of olive oil and tuna over the top

4pm Oats and banana

5.30 Gym time until around 7ish
Whey protein shake, powderd oats with water right after i finish

8 oclock
Turkey, Brocolli

Wednesdays and fridays, very simalar diet but without the bulk of carbs id have around lifting time

Saturday Normaly a cheat day

I train Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Wednesday and Friday go for half hour bike ride in the evening and every morning before work 20min fasted walk.

Supplement with fish oil and glutamine

Had a 2 week maintainence break around a month ago but cant seem to get fat loss going again. Im 6ft weighing around 87.2kg on a Sunday morning.


Thought i would add, through out the day i do get real hungry, im still motivated in the gym. Hopfully these are positive signs that my hormones arnt shot from being in a calorific deficit for too long and my metobolism is still running good!


okay. well as a multi certified nutritionist i gota say it doesnt look good. i have 2 certs in the the field including a biosignature cert and i always Guarantee my results. first thing i noticed was that you have your carbs early in the day. heres the scoop. cortisol and insulin sensitivity are opposites of each other, when one is up the other is down. cortisol is up in the morning and gradually goes down, therefore insulin sensitivity is down in the morning. so try moving your carbs to later in the day. i know it sounds crazy but its the truth. to further evaluate i need more information: body fat % (not from a piece of crap ohm reader) lean weight, fat weight. we also gota make sure your getting plenty of fats, this includes saturated fat. the human body hasnt evolved a whole hell of a lot from our paleolithic ancestors and thus we should try to eat as close to how they did as possible.


[quote]RJS89 wrote:
first thing i noticed was that you have your carbs early in the day./quote]

Not really, i base most my carbs around lifting time. Only carbs i have early is 1 bit of toast?


what's the cheat day for? ask yourself if your training intensity and diet the other 6 days warrants the cheat.


yep. my mistake. none the less if you really want to make that toast work for you id have it later at night, and maybe even not have toast but rather sweet potato or brown rice, something not man made.

as far as a cheat day goes everyone needs a cheat day. i typically start my clients with a 2 week bootcamp with no cheat days then add in one every five or seven days depending on where they are at. it gives your body a re-boot.

but anyways dude im more than happy to give you some further advice, if you want it, just hook me up with your % and what not. my methods sometimes seem strange but i always get results.


Yea ur right about toast, think im gunna give it the heave ho! Just eggs on there own dont seem like very much food on a plate. Maybe ill do 3 whole eggs + two egg whites!

I just feel the cheat day is good mentaly, being allowed to eat what i want one day makes the other 6 much easyer to stay strict!

From looking at body % examples online id say im around 12% mark. On a sunday morning before any food or liquid and after i been for a piss im weighing 87.2kg or 192lbs


If your familiar with Charles Poliquin's meat and nuts breakfast, this is what I recommend and have had great success with. Just a handful of nuts and meat and maybe add a handful of berries for the anti-oxidant boost. Also make sure not to eat the same things every day or you'll deveople food sensitivities. I recommend finding an accurate way to measure your body fat. Until your under 10% you should be doing a lot of fat, protein and veggies with carbs including most fruits on cheat day only. Once your 10% fruits and paleo carbs everyday are ok. Being 87 kilos and around 12% 3 eggs and 2 whites is about enough protein for a toddler. When I have eggs I do 4 whole eggs and 6 whites plus 4 or so turkey sausage patties. I have a few large handfuls of spinach with this or some other vegetable. You basically want to multiply your lean weight in kilos by 3.8-4.2. Since your a gym rat I'd recommend more toward the 4.2. This is your daily protein goal. Divide by the number of meals you plan to eat. It's a lot but It will kick fat loss into high gear. I also recommend getting 1 gram per % body fat of fish oil spread throughout the day. And don't be afraid of saturated fat. Use butter when you cook and add liquid chlorophyll to your water to keep your stomach healthy and make sure to toss any of that artificial crap. Give it a shot and I bet you'll be amazed with your results.


Ok thanks for the advice, ive dropped the toast and moved the fruit to nearer lifting times. Il have to think of a way too boost my morning protein from whole food as i dont really want to have it in liquid form!


I have trouble eating a lot of food in the morning so I add in some EAA caps and zinc 20 minutes before breakfast and do about 10 minutes of hiit cardio to increase my appetite and then try to scarf down as much whole food protein as I can manage.


Wait, what? Did some new science come out or something that I missed? The staple of every bodybuilder that I associate with is carbs in the early hours, fats in the later hours. Carb backloading does work, but everything I've read points to higher insulin sensitivity in the morning. Please clear this up if I am wrong.


well its not really new science....just correct science. but pretty much, Insulin Sensitivity and Cortisol are always in Opposition of each other. when one is up the other is down, Always! because waking up is a shock to your system your cortisol is up(along with testosterone, another reason why working out in the morning is always best). so therefore if cortisol is up in the morning insulin sensitivity is down. just give my method a try and i bet youll feel better and have great recovery. fat should be an all day affair, not just at night, its a MUCH better energy source because it lasts longer and wont store as excess body fat as easily as starchy carbohydrates simply because our bodies are more used to it. like i said we havnt evolved much from our paleolithic ancestors. i mean take a look at my before and after picture, thats gota count for something.


That knowledge is pretty tough for me to swallow. I have fruits, oats, rice, and peri workout carbs in the morning hours and keep carbs low for the rest of the day. It's been working out pretty well. I'm assuming since I eat my carbs early in the day for a purpose and hardly have any on off days, I can still make progress. That is to say that your information is correct. Whatever, id be interested for more people to chime in.


Well your young so your test levels are sky high, and I'd venture to say you've never had a problem with your weight, so you will get results with virtually anything you do. Not to say you don't work hard, I'm sure you do which is why your results are good. I'm just saying give my method a try and I bet it'll be even better. I've had a lot of success with this in practice. It's not something I learned reading off the Internet as I said I have a sports nutrition cert and a biosig cert. I personally put on 9 pounds of lean mass and increased my deadlift by 30 pounds from June 1 to June 18 this year using my methods 100% clean I might add. Haha


I will definitely give it a try. I am willing to believe it because on my 3 low/trace carb days, I feel great and never get the flat/low feeling that most people on low carb diets complain of. Healthy fats, good proteins, etc. I just need to rethink my carb set up on workout (carb load) days. Peri workout satifies my carb loadout for medium days, but my 2 high days....real tough getting all my carbs without throwing some morning fruit in haha.

P.S. Good shit on the DL and lean mass!


Thanks man. I was surprised myself. The right carbs around your workout can be a good thing. I always use carb supplements before and after when I workout which is 2 hours after breakfast. They metabolize fast and provide a lot of good "muscle" energy. Not to mention you look lean in your picture so it shouldn't be a problem just use the right stuff. Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask.


@ RJS89,

So I take it you would not recommend oatmeal at breakfast time? Which is what I always do.. Maybe I should mix it up like this:

Breakfast: Maybe 3 boiled eggs, and 45 grams whey protein? - enough (for someone at 198 lbs, looking to maintain weight)

And then mid morning nuts and whey (I like the liquid diet. haha)

Lunch - maybe beans or sweet potato, chicken (cooked in olive oil), fruit (grapes or peach - love them)

Afternoon/pre gym - small portion oats, maybe some fruit, whey protein

After gym - whey and fruit

Dinner - chicken or tuna or red meat with sweet potato and loads of veggies

Before bed - nuts and whey

** Getting around 280 grams of protein ( 1.4 grams per pound); about 7 'meals' a day (a lot of whey, but I like whey over too much solid food); I do mix things up and I do have some cheat meals. Currently around 15% BF, 6ft, 198 lbs, goal = drop down to 110 -12%BF, and keep increasing muscle. I think I will get the BF down quite easily - when I started training 6 years ago I was a skinny 125 lbs, so dropping the calories (whith high protein), and adding in cardio and HITT (which I never used to do), should drop some fat quickly. Anyway, thoughts on the above example eating plan?



Excuse the 110% BF typo . haha.


-no problem, hope this is helpful, just make sure to rotate your foods to avoid food sensitivities


@ RJS89 - (sorry for the hijack OP) your view are very different to a lot of nutrional advice you tend to hear on this site so you;ve got me interested..

what are your views on intermitent fasting and the lean gains method??