Check My Diet to Add Lean Mass/Lose Fat

The picture above shows deficiet diet. Hi guys my goals is to put on lean mass and reduce body fat and train 5 times a week, so my diet is super clean like really but I find it’s very hard to reach 3800 with clean diet and I’m an engineering student. I am balancing both but I don’t mind eat a lot but eating takes my time so can u guys advice how do I tackle this journey. Now my weight has increased from 85 to 88kg and I’m have finished week 5(test500/week and eq400/week. So far I have noticed slightly increased strength and slightly noticeable gains but slightly drop of fat. Moreover, I really need u guys advice on this and I really want to utilise my diet in my cycle. Do I need a gainer to increase my calorie? Or should I maintain this diet :thinking: help guys

What’s your question? I think you’re asking how to get enough calories on a tight budget. Whole eggs and rice are very cheap.

If you aren’t hitting your calorie goals it’s because your goal isn’t compelling enough for you. You are only 500 calories below your goal. That’s 5 tablespoons of peanut butter, or 7 whole eggs… takes no time. How bad do you want it?

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