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Check My Chemistry Math Please

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Waylander, you need to make friends with nerdy asians, they got me through my college math courses. [/quote]

This is great advice.

If you’re looking for coattails to ride to the promised land, make sure they belong to that nerdy Asian kid who comes to lecture with a laptop.[/quote]

Aren’t those usually the guys who play Starcraft II or tetris during lecture?[/quote]

They play starcraft II and tetris precisely because they can, whilst taking in every bit of information the lecturer gives them, with incredible accuracy.[/quote]

They all are really into Japanese culture even though they’re all Chinese/Korean and live off Ramen noodles.

Sad thing is, I did experiments with this shit in Biochem. I really made the worst major selection I could have ever made. Ah well, least I got that piece of paper, haha