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Check My 4-Week 5/3/1 Plan

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The TM is 90% of your max not 90% of 75%, you must use the formula to calculate your max.

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Looks okay as far as exercise selection. You’re doing a BBB-type template with a couple of assistance exercises each time.

But, you don’t want to run the +reps (the last set being PR’s) along with programming in joker sets. If you do this, you should run the program you’ve written 2 cycles using 5 PRO’s (do the 531 exercise at 5 reps for each set, but still waving the weights using the calculations you did). So, you would drop the + set and the Jokers for 2 cycles (6 weeks), take a deload, then run the exact template you have for 1 cycle (3weeks).

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Take your 1RM multiply by. 85%. That should be your TM. So when it calls for 90% for instance, it’s 90% of your TM. Once you’ve calculated 85% of your max, forget about the 1RM. Use only your TM to calculate your sets. I can’t recommend this program enough. Give it a go for a couple of cycles. Then tinker if you want. But I suggest heavily you do a program as written before you adjust at all. Check this one out, it’s truly great:


The point of the training max is to have nice simple numbers to work with and forgetting about your real max, seeing a program with 86.5% makes my head hurt.

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Why not just use one of Jim’s programs? What is your height/bodyweight/current lifts? You started another topic on a 12 week plan. Oh and I’m 90% sure you’re either Singaporean or Malaysian.

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Erase everything you wrote because 5/3/1 has already been written - you don’t need to draw out YOUR plan and look for approval; what you need to do is open the book and choose from the million programs Jim has written and go after it.

If you’re just starting out, you should do “beginner prep school” from Forever and if you don’t have this book, just do the original program and the triumvirate. If this doesn’t make sense, do this:

Warm up with some stretching or a routine like Agile 8.
Jump on a plyo box, do standing long jumps or throw/toss/slam a 10 pound medicine ball for 10-20 reps.

Main work: 5’s Pro (do all sets for 5 reps no matter what week you’re in)
Supplemental work: do 5x5@FSL of the main movement
Assistance: 50-100 reps of push/pull/single leg or core. Pick these exercises THAT DAY. On deadlift day you might not want to do chins, and you might not want to do heavy weighted dips on bench or press day… use common sense.
Run 1600 meters 2-3 times a week broken up into 4x400, 8x200, 16x100…
walk with a weighted vest or ride an airdyne bike 2-4 times per week for 20-30 minutes.

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Sorry I do not understand why not to do pull ups on deadlift day and no dips on bench day.
Background my numbers on the main lifts are pathetic so if it is the issue of burning out I personally do not think that will happen

Thank you in advance!

…er, then dont try and reinvent the wheel.

-Just pick proven templates like Hardgainers above or Triumvirate and follow exactly for 6 months.

Also forget about jokers for at least a year


I’m with everyone else. Stick with any of Jim’s 5/3/1 templates as he has written it for at least a few months, then consider making changes if you believe that you would benefit from them in terms of accessory lifts. Good luck with your training man

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Thank you those shall be my next routine

I just wouldn’t do heavy dips on bench day or heavy chins on deadlift day. I’m already doing heavy push/pull that day, no need to do it twice. That’s what works for me but I’m almost 40 years old - you may be able to recover from heavy bench and dips on the same day, I cannot.