Check My 14-Day Clen Cycle

Day 1 = 10mcg
Day 2 = 20mcg
Day 3 = 40mcg
Day 4 = 60mcg
Day 5 = 80mcg
Day 6 = 100mcg
Day 7 = 120mcg
Day 8 = 100mcg
Day 9 = 100mcg
Day 10 = 80mcg
Day 11 = 60mcg
Day 12 = 40mcg
Day 13 = 20mcg
Day 14 = 10mcg

I have done test several times but looking to start cutting. What do you guys think of my cycle? Any changes I should make?

I’m not a dr. Don’t listen to me.

I don’t see any reason to cycle down. When you stop taking it, your body will naturally cycle it down. You may have problems when you go above 80. I hope you are splitting the dosages up. Clen works best the first time you use it. so get to your max asap and then stay there until you are ready to come off. Then the half life will naturally cycle you down. Don’t think you can come off and then resume 2-4weeks later. You can, but the bang will not be as great.

You should start cutting first, and then when you stall introduce clen.

Edit: I just read your other post. You need to have all your nutrition in check and a solid training plan prior to introducing drugs.

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I’ve always ramped clen up to the max tolerable dose 80-120mcg week one then continued that through week 2. Stop… wait two weeks and if needed run again. I don’t run it anymore as I’m not sure health risks are worth the results. Just my 2 cents.

I’ve ran clen always with zaditen/ketotifen. That way you don’t have to use such heavy doses.
But to your doses you don’t ramp up then taper down. The purpose behind ramping up doses is that the effects lessen at the same dosage. therefore increasing to keep the fat burning effect. Tapering down would probably just waste your clen by giving you lower results.
Your doses should be more like:
Days 1-2 : 20mcg
Days 3-4 : 40mcg
Days 5-6 : 60mcg… And so one up to I think it would be 120/140mcg max.

I think you should pray to your God that your Clen is measured correctly and don’t listen to anyone who gives you a dosing schedule in mgs.

Who gave dosing schedule in mgs…?

That was me. I was typing and didn’t realize the mistake.
It was an obvious mistake. I edited my reply to correct it to mcg.

LOL nice quick edit. Yeah that would be bad but I would also assume anybody that was dabbling in this should have the sense to know a typo like that. If not… process of natural selection…? Eek

I saw the mg lol