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Check Cycle II For A Friend


any opinions on this one, it looks really good as far as i can see. this will be his second cycle, don't know if he did ph. his stats are 5'9" 205, he is looking for a mass cycle.
his first cycle was test e 500mg wk1-10 and tbol 40mg wk5-10, he retained 10lbs. i am making this cycle for him as well, but want to avoid deca due to shut down and i prefer eq over deca. note the use of dbol at the ceasation of the the test e in wk16-17 as the long esters run low.
test dosage is 575mg due to using 375mg (1.5ml) of animal power test e a wk and 200mg from an eq/test e mix. total of 3.5ml oil a week divided by two shots. likely mon/thurs.
i have abombs but feel dbol will allow him to progress at a steadier rate. no rapid strength jumps or serious bp issues.

Test E 575mg wk1-15
EQ 400mg wk1-14
Dbol 30mg ed wk1-4, 16-17
Clomid 100/100/50/50 wk18-22
Nolvadex 20/20/10/10 wk18-22

Various Supplements:
various protein powder
red rice yeast 600mg ed
maca 2gm ed wk19-22
fenugreek 3-4gm ed wk19-22
Phosphatidyl Serine 900mg ed wk18-22
Hawthorn Berry 2caps ed
Creatine monohydrate wk16-22plus


looks pretty good. if it were me, i would make some minor adjustments:

  • frontload during week 1, both test and Eq
  • keep the d-bol jumpstart as is
  • cut the cycle duration to 12 weeks
  • run prop instead of d-bol while the longer esters are clearing...weeks 13-16 @ say 100 mg EOD
  • PCT starting week 17.....personally i would only run the clomid for 2 weeks @ 100 mg ED....with the nolva protocol remaining the same
  • run a moderate dose of an AI during the cycle...maybe 0.5 mg EOD of a-dex
  • run tribulus during the cycle

just my 2cc's bro


Juice is dead on again.





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You need an AI during cycle. Arimidex, Letro, Aromasin - or something. Just my opinion.


If you can swing it, I would add some HCG being that this is such a long cycle. Other than that it looks good!


Juice has that in there EOD. Check again Rainjack.