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Check and Critique my Program


Is my program good? i know that it is kinda high volume but im used to it.
critique and suggestions please thank you.
i put 5 sets for the side deltroid exercises because its my weakness so i add volume into it.

Back Squat: 5X5
Romanian Deadlifts: 4x6-10
Leg Press: 4x8-12
Glue Ham Raises: 4x10-15
Standing Calf Raises: 4x10-15
Seated Calf Raises: 4x15-20
Decline Crunches: 4x15-20
Decline Situps: 4x15-20
Leg Raises: 4x15-20

Paused Bench Press: 5x5
Overhead Press: 4x5
Flat DB Press: 4x8-12
Flat DB Flyes: 4x10-12
DB Side Raises: 5x8-12
Incline Skullscrushers: 3x8-10
Overhead Tricep Extensions: 3x8-10
Rope Pushdown: 3x10-12

Deadlifts 5x5
T-Bar Row: 4x8-12
Underhand Pulldown: 4x8-12
Facepulls: 4x8-12
Barbell Shrugs: 4x8-12
Barbell Curls: 3x8-10
Closegrip Barbell Curls: 3x10-12
Hammer Curls: 3x8-12

Front Squats: 5x5
Stationary Lunges: 3x8-12
GluteHam Raises: 4x10-15
Leg Press: 4x10-15
Seated Calf Raise 4x10-15
Standing Calf Raise 4x15-20
Leg Raises: 4x15-20
Decline Crunches: 4x10-20
Side Twist: 4x10-20

Incline Bench Press: 5x5
Incline DB Press: 4x8-12
DB Shoulders Press: 4x8-12
Lower Cable Flyes: 4x10-12
Cable Side Raises: 5x10-12
Decline Skullcrushers: 3x8-10
Overhead Tricep Extensions: 3x8-10
Underhand Pulldowns: 3x8-12

Pull B
Deadlifts: 5x5
Barbell Rows: 4x8-12
Widegrip Pulldowns: 4x8-12
Dumbbell Rows: 4x8-10
Facepulls: 4x8-12
Closegrip Preacher Curls: 3x8-10
Reverse BB Curl 3x10-12
Hammer Curls: 3x10-12

Wow, just wow.

You took 5x5 and added two more programs?

If it works for you, good on you.

What do Closegrip Barbell Curls do what Barbell curls don’t.
What do Standing Calf Raises do what Seated Calf raises don’t?
What do Leg presses do what Front squats don’t?
What do Incline DB presses do what Incline Bench Presses don’t?
What do DB rows do what Barbell rows don’t?
What do Reverse BB Curls and Close grip preacher curls do what Hammer curls don’t?

It seems like a overkill of variety of exercises. Why don’t you focus on the basics with all your heart, and keep the small stuff for later? CT speaks about ‘training money’, and you have only so much to spend. It seems smarter to drizzle that dough on the big stuff like there ain’t no tomorrow, than throw all that money at the little stuff.

Btw, REST. Resting makes you grow. You may survive this much workload and frequency, but you probably won’t thrive on it.

There are a LOT of high succes programs out there. Pick one, instead of mashing stuff together like this.

can you suggest a good program that trains my body 6 times a week? powerbuilding is what i want and i really love doing…

Why do you think that 6 days a week is necessary? Do all 6 days need to involve lifting? How advanced are you currently (i.e. let’s see some stats)?

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1 year lifting 5’9 73kg male i just really love the pain when training and i can’t help my body not to train 6 times a week

Well then you have two choices: work out 6 days a week to satisfy your pain desires or develop self control, focus on a simple strength program with a couple hypertrophy exercises, and reap what you sow.

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“Lets see some stats”= lift numbers. You can lift for 10 years but if you can’t bench bodyweight, deadlift double body weight, or squat 1.5x your bodyweight, you’re still a beginner (10 years is a very extreme example but you catch my drift)

i get what you’re saying atleast a 4x a week will do right can you recommend a program im weak tho… 145 bench 5RM… 245 DL 5RM 195 SQ 5RM… i mean 6 months for the lifting exp…because i got injured my lower back in a bike accident and i cant lift for 6 months sorry bout the wrong info

What outcomes does this program give you ahead of, say, 5/3/1?

my reply forgot to click reply

5/3/1, 5x5, Starting Strength, or any other strength program in the articles of t-nation. I would only advise doing 5/3/1 so you can learn the principles of it and how to program a good work out plan. Once you understand the basics, you can veer off a little a design it for what suits you best. Or you can do some heavy research on rep schemes, training intensity, volume, deload, blah blah blah and design your own program.

which one do you prefer? ICF or WS4SB? for strength and hyperthrophy…

To be honest, I’m not familiar enough with either to give a solid preference over the other.

There are lots of options for powerbuilding. I would describe my own training as “powerbuilding”. Here’s the thing: I don’t know of many styles of programming that program for those kinds of specific goals in mind that have so many training days per week. Most use 3-4. Doing more can make recovery challenging to do well. If you need physical activity, you can do stuff on off days that aren’t lifting. Ride a bike, do some conditioning, yoga, rock climbing, stretching, whatever you want, just don’t do it so hard that it gets in the way of recovery.

Just pick any intelligently-designed program that is designed with your level (i.e. not a complete newb, but still a novice lifter) and goals in mind and appeals to you enough that you would be able to stick with it consistently with minimal modifications. I’ll throw up some more suggestions to get the ball rolling: WS4SB, Texas Method, Smolov (jk, don’t do that one). Also fine if you want to do something like Starting Strength or GSLP for a few months before jumping into something else.

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WS4SB i just red an article of it. what tips can you give when i run that program i also want to add a lower body repitition day so it will be max upper/max lower/rest/repetition upper/repetition lower or max upper/rep lower/rest/rep upper/max low? also can i do upper/lower/rest/rest/upper/lower so that i can rest more?

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