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Does anyone still have a anything goes cheat day or 1/2 day or cheat meal?
If so are you still reaching your goals with this approach?

Personally I have a cheat day which is actually anything goes for 6-8hrs.
I’m about 10% now and I’m trying to get down between 6-8% with the Beradi diet.

Just looking for some feedback, I wanted to see how you guys have leaned out. I guess my real question is
has anyone cut bodyfat while still having a cheat day?

it us all about experimentation. when i have an all out cheat day, my body doesnt get back to normal for 3 days. for me it is definitely not worth it.

In my opinion a cheat day is not worth it because my cravings go away after time. then when the cheat day comes and I eat the stuff I normally dont. and then I crave if for many days after so I find it easier not to cheat at all. So what I normally do on a cheat day is eat more clean food than normal. And that seems to help me out alot.

Hell yeah I have a cheat day for me it is a total mental state that I need to get out of. I can eat clean from anywhere from two to three months, then it is time to get it on, this could be an all out buffet bombardment, or it is something simple like a nice meal with the family, in which I make sure dessert is included. The results I gain from the cheats vary, of course based on size. I have not been hurt by a single cheat meal, as I have actually awakened the next day tighter, and more ripped. But the buffet style approach will leave me retaining some water for two days tops. I utilize this extra water and all the excess glycogen in my training as I am far stronger on these days then the previous. It really is a personal approach, as each indivisual varies, both psychologicaly and physiologicaly

I have indivduals overfeeding/cheating anywhere from once every 3-4 days to once every 7-8 days while on moderate to severe diets. Overfeeds range from 8 hours to 36 hours, high carb/low fat to all out binges (based on the individuals past experience). Most find that it helps tremendously in regards to LBM retention while dieting, is much easier psychologically, serves as motivation to give 100% during the strict portion of the diet, and actually accelerates their rate of fat loss. This has been the consensus of 90% of people that I have worked with and many, many individuals that I have not directly worked with, but have conversed with regarding the topic.

Berardi is actually using my CD/EDT approach with a number of his clients and has informed me that they all are doing quite well. Lastly, let me just say that you shouldn’t really develop an opinion on the subject until you have tried a somewhat planned/scientific approach, as opposed to just eating some pizza every once in a while.


I have a cheat day but i tend to try to still eat clean. I’ll just have a bit more carbs, maybe a bowl of ceral and toast for breakfast instead of oats and maybe a little piece of cake. I try not to eat an “anything goes” meal because i usually end up gorging and feeling guilty. I’ve done this on a few occassions but one thing i feel is the guilt kinda helps me train harder for the rest of the week.
I deffinately eat more calories than normally on a cheat day but like i said try to get itas healthy as I can.

I save anything goes for if i go out to a restaurant or to a relatives house which is once a month max really.

I’ve been a healthy eater long enough that I no longer crave most types of junk. The junkiest things I will eat are things which can be fit into the P-F or P-C categories. I think cheat days are a bad idea because if you go long enough without some food item you have a weakness for, you will eventually lose your attraction to it. In the cases I had in which that didn’t happen, at some point I would deliberately gorge on the stuff which I hadn’t touched in at least a year (I’m thinking of ham and cheesecake as examples, mind you this was like 4 years ago) and the result was that I’d get sick on the stuff and never want it again. Kinda like how I outgrew candy rather quickly as a little kid. And thai food… ughh, I can still taste it…
This was my bizarre and unscientific method, individual results may vary.

The only things that I really want to cheat with now all contain alcohol, which I don’t think you’re supposed to cheat with even on diets specifically sanctioning cheating. That’s why I use my own bulking diet in which the “C” from one P+C meal per day comes from a nice wine or beer.

That’s all I’ve got-

I think it depends on your personality. Personally, I find it very hard to cheat withouth going totally berzerk, meaning it usually sets me back too much. But if you are able to moderate yourself it should`nt be a problem.

I rarely cheat also, because it brings all those cravings back to the forefront.

Last time I cheated I did so by eating mostly healthy foods in large quantities, the day after finishing a fruit fast. That helped take away most of the guilt.