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Cheating Wife Advice


Lately my wife has been working a lot of evening shifts and for the past couple months has been carpooling with a male co-worker. At first I didn't mind, I would rather have someone with her in case she has car trouble or something like that, but it seems that they have become a little bit more than friends. You know the scenario, the phone calls that hang up, she starts wearing nice clothes to work, talking about him all the time, etc. I don't know what to think.

If I'm out in the garage lifting weights when she gets home (usually after midnight) he just drops her off and leaves, but if the lights are off in the garage and I'm in the house (they think I'm sleeping) they sit out in the car for like twenty minutes. I asked her once what they were doing, she said "just talking"....whatever.

So last night I decide that I'm going to see what really goes on out there. I leave the garage door open, but turn out all the lights. About the time she usually gets home, I go out and hide in the garage and wait. In a few minutes, his car pulls into my driveway, and I'm hiding behind the squat rack and weights. When his headlights shine through the garage and onto the rack, I see something that I just can't believe.

One of the upright supports of the squat rack has a bad crack in it. It�??s a bad crack, but the rest of the frame looks OK. Do you think I should just weld the cracked area or buy a new squat rack?

I Think My Wife is Cheating on Me...
I Think My Wife is Cheating on Me...
I Think My Wife is Cheating on Me...

ROFL. I was like wow, that sucks, and then burst into laughter.


5 stars!!!


York Plate = THE MAN!!!


Does your wifes new boyfriend/co-worker train? He may have an extra rack? Just a thought



I feel for you, brother. I feel for you.


I don't have time to read your whole post, so I briefly skimmed through it. I think you said you saw the guy fondling your wife's rack while she was smoking crack?




Sounds like a fair trade...


Five stars!!!!!!


Best Post Ever -lol



Fucking WIN


That really sucks. You can never trust it again.


Your a crazy Brit ! Well done


This had me laughing out loud.

Bravo, good sir, I say again, bravo!



Awesome dude awesome!

Just weld it back together, and oh yeah, if she really is cheating, you can now cheat on her as much as you'd like! One way trip the Philippines please! Nice, tan, limber 100 lb fuck machines!!


I nominate this post for post of the year.


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Hahahaha! That was great.


pwnd. I laughed so hard I think I got a hernia. WELL done.