Cheating on Bench Press by Arching & Butt Off Bench

Saw about 315lb being lifted by glute raising for a few reps. It looks difficult still. How much easier is it than strict benching ?
I saw some all you bro which is typical but the glute bench I have not seen before.
Is it a valid assistance exercise?

Id say its just a bit easier. You cant just lift the ass up and go from 220 to 315 bench… 315 is a decent beginner strength even with shit form


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Not arguing that they are not strong at least one of them. But not seen it as excessive as this before.

I’d focus less on other people having their butts up and more on me keeping my head down and eyes forward and just doing my own thing.


I do normally.

Awesome: keep being normal.


I used to be a butt off the bench guy about 7-8 years ago before I got into powerlifting, where that doesn’t fly. I got up to a 300 lb bench with the butt off the bench. When I started training powerlifting, I kept the butt down and also tucked the elbows a bit (which took a bit of time to learn, and lowered my strength just a bit too). IIRC, I could do 250, 260 lbs with the butt down when I started doing that.

So I’d say 315 lbs is still pretty good, because at least for me, that would mean I could likely do 275 lbs with the butt down. I consider 275 lbs for most gym goers to be pretty good. Nothing remarkable, but they are likely not brand new to lifting.

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IMO, lifting your hips when bench pressing is typically done to push through the last couple reps, making the lift similar to a decline bench press.

Never get into that habit if you want to compete in powerlifting.

On the peer pressure side, you are subject to criticism for “cheating.”

I like to stop my squat reps about halfway down so I can do more weight. I usually stop by the time my thighs are 45* to the ground.

Still counts, right?


Ass off the bench is Clown Shit.


I think it might be a way to overload, as there is no spotting bars. Don’t look like seasoned lifters. I am far from strong though, especially at my fat bw.

This was through entire rep…I know there is an exercise like this from the floor.

I wouldn’t do it on purpose. It teaches a bad habit. I’d press off a board, use a slingshot, or use chains if I wanted to overload the bench.


It is a commercial gym though.

Sounds like someone just doing what they can to push the weight up. It’s not some established assistance exercise or anything, and it’s not going to get you some insane boost on your bench likely.

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BTW, if a person wants to press heavy weight “legally” they will learn how to arch their back while keeping their buttocks on the bench. Plus, you will learn how to initiate the press with significant leg drive.

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Sure it is. Its a first good repable weight for someone who has put in the work for 2-3 years and goes for strength.

Hank, uhm, i dunno how to say this, but benching 315 is usually not done in the first 2-3 years lol.

Maybe under proper coaching and strict adherence, but rarely do newbies have either of these.


About 1/100 men will bench 300 lbs

From the article:

I think those numbers go way up for men who want to bench a lot of weight and train for it. I think over 50% could do 300 lbs if they made it an important goal for 5 years. The numbers are just based off of American men in a reasonable age range to do so.

The female numbers seem low to me.

Overall, the numbers make me feel good about myself haha. Let’s not find a squat odds table please.