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Cheating Frequency?

I follow a diet more based on maintenance and even leaning to the side of fat loss. This is due to the fact that I used to be a lot heavier, and can still gain weight (mostly fat) fairly quickly. My question to those who follow this type of eating and have similar situations is how often do you cheat? and what is the general size? For the last year, I have gone on eating clean for one to two months on end, and then in one day will eat some astronomical amount of food. This had worked for me both mentally and physically for a while, but now I find myself seeking a different avenue to go down, I would like to have one with more “balance”. That is where I would really like to know what works for others so I can kind of form a rough estimate as too how much and how often I can get away with cheating. Of course I understand that this is mainly going to be trial and error for myslef, but with all of the great information I have recieved from every one on this thread, I figured it could not hurt to ask. Thanks all reply’s are always appreciated. J