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Cheating @ Dave & Busters


So last nigh was @ dave a buters. I so I turned my tickets in & they just weigh them to determine the amount you have instead of counting them. if there was a way to weigh the tickets down a lil would they credit you for more tickets?


Yes they would.

I guess you could put a few drops of water scattered randomly to make them heavier.

That said, atta' boy.


You'd be able to get a little stuffed parrot, instead of the crappy plasic car!!!



I have around 16000 tickets on my D&B card.

I feel kind of pathetic now.


Cheating at Dave-n-Busters, time for a Senate hearing.

Headline at 6, "ticket juicing".


Simply glue two tickets together, and hey presto! You'll have a 'single' that's double the weight of a regular one. Oh - hang on a second...


Which game's your favorite there?


I play a lot of trivia.


i was up there a few days ago. some dude was at some machine and had a box FULL of tickets. I think the box used to hold like a giant stuffed animal (for size reference).

Everyone was lookin at him like he was fuckin nuts. He walked out that night with a PS3 and a couple of games. Who knows how much he actually spent to work that...


Yeah, I've collected mine over the course of six years or so...it's gotten to the point where there is nothing at the store I would "buy," it's more about having an obscene number of tickets.


I suck at collecting craploads to tickets to get anything cool. I always wind up losing them or the card equivalent of them. Guess I'm destined to always be stuffed-parrotless


I was thinking next time Id bring some small peices of tin foil. Tape them to a few tickets then tap some "clean" tickes over em. Should be light enough to not tip the scale. But should add up to a few more tickets. hahahahaha


Im the same way, i wait till there is a full group of people at the trivia screen, then make my way in and beat ass until people get tired of losing and leave, then i wait till a new group of people is up there that i can hustle.

I am the king of useless knowledge.


I just give my tickets to any kid that's nearby.


Look for a chick who looks like an adult version of my avatar.


that's what I did.

btw, dave and busters kind of sucks.

ESPNzone all the way


I'd be scared that she'd knock me down, then steal my tickets and testicles.


Glue some pennies to them haha



I never keep my tickets.. I always use them that same day.


Do you do this just before you lead them into your van?