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Cheater's Diet ?

I dairy a bad word on the strict days? Im kind of confused about the popular attitude of cottage cheese. Is it a savior or the enemy

Also, I just got the Mag-10 in the mail. Im pretty fucking stoked. do you frontload with two doses of Mag-10 the day before, or just one the night before?
Thanks in advance

I’d cut it out. Both myself and people I have worked with have noticed better results when omitting dairy products.

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Cottage cheese is the most forgiving of the dairy products because it is mostly protein. It does contain a few grams of lactose per serving which varies depending on the brand. I’ve seen anywhere from 3 grams all the way up to 7. Many people notice they lose more fat and experience less bloating when dairy (lactose) is removed.

I eat 1/2 cup cottage cheese twice a day, even during cutting, and have no problems. Milk on the other hand I get bloated. This is a common response to the salt, and lactose contained in milk. If your concerned about lactose in Cottage Cheese, rinse off that liquid-like coating, and drain the curds in a cheese cloth. What you’ll get is virtually a sack of protein.

The salt will not cause bloating. This is an old myth and unless you have a condition to contraindicate the use of sodium(hypertension, for example), you should keep sodium intake high. Do a forum search for the term “aldosterone” and you’ll get some info as to the reason behind this.