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Cheater's Diet

I am starting week 2 on Joel’s Diet tommorrow. I have been on Mag-10 the last week, but I ran out. I have a bottle of 4 ad I was planning on using now that I have no Mag-10 left. Is there any reason not to use the 4 ad right after a week of Mag-10.
By the way Joel, great diet. Even after just a week I have dropped a good amount of fat, and keeping with it has been a piece of cake!

I’m doing a semi cheaters diet. I’m basically dieting 2 days on, one day off. On the off day I take the carbs way up high for about the first 3/4 of the day, then back off. So far great fat loss, and no spill over. I’m gonna go 4 weeks total on this style diet, followed by 10 - 14 days off, then 4 wks more diet ect, till i reach my goals. I’m 12 % now, would like to be 6 - 7 (wouldn’t we all…).