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Cheaters diet with carbs..

What would happen if I or another athlete were to take up the cheater’s diet but instead of having the majority of calories come from protein they came from Carbs.? to keep energy and performance up. So, lets say I was doing 1500 calories, and 900 came from carbs., 400 came from protein, and 200 came from fat. Any ideas of what would happen!

You would lose muscle due to insufficient protein intake.

I’d also think that the constantly elevated insulin (along with metabolism shut-down) would mean that you’d lose a greater proportion of muscle, and that your fat-stores would have a hard time mobilizing.

To keep energy levels up, I’d eat larger post-workout meal.

 Yes - say bye bye to your muscle and hello to fat. Thats the most imbecil thing ive ever ever ever EVER heard in my life. Do that and watch yourself being ridiculed when you go to the gym a couple months from now. sheesh. Is it so hard to gather that from reading T-Mag?

Diesel… Easy there tiger, I was not implying or asking if I should do this. Just a knowledge question of what if? I kinda new that was what would happen. Anyways, I learned something, so thanks. The fat mobilization fact I don’t think runs well with a boxer’s routine, specially with a jacked up metabolism from the training.

I disagree it would depend on your bodyweight and lbm. The ratio you listed is rougly a 60-26-14 ratio which is very close to a 60-20-20 ratio which is comonly used for athletes involved in the glycolytic pahtway. Also some athletes involved in the ATP pathway would use it during the offseason. Your loss of muscle would come form lack of kcals NOT the percentages used. If you used based those ratios off of the correct kcal expenditure and intake for your body you would find that you would have enough protein and not lose muscle as suggested becasue of lack of protein.

You could not use my diet w/ that macro breakdown or a higher caloric intake. So, it still stands, trying that approach with my Cheater’s Diet will not work because of insufficient protein intake, even in the event that you are using an androgen.