Cheater's diet preference

Who prefers a clean carb-up over a cheat meal? I think I will use Cheater’s Diet and EDT for fat loss next with caveman and don’t diet principles.

i dont.

I live on the “Cave man” diet. Actually, I found that it really is the only way to eat and stay healthy, at least for me.

I occasionally cheat-When I do its usually ice cream that does me in. thats as bad as it gets and it only gets that way maybe twice a month.

Bump. Does no one else prefer the carb up day?

I’ve had a lot more success at dieting ,when I replaced my cheat meals with controlled carb up days. It’s a little harder to control, but I think it works better. I also had good success on Joel’s CD/EDT program and eating high GI foods. This is also coming from someone who gains fat pretty easily.