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Cheaters Diet_Need Help

I posted a diet earlier that I’m scrapping. I’m going to give the cheaters diet a try. Thanks for sending me the link.

I have no idea what I should be taking in cal wise on a daily business, or the refeeds for that matter.

I don’t need help on the lifting/cardio aspect. I need guidence for the diet part.

I’M 28, Male.

I don’t want to fuck this thing up. I have exactly 16 days now to drop 5-7lbs.

All feedback welcome.

Are you doing the Cheater’s Diet / EDT incarnation?

If so, the information is presented in the article. (The article itself is in Christian’s forum)

How many Kcals are you eating on a daily basis now? (pause) I thought so, you don’t know, do you? So how will you know if a number (like LBM x 10) is going to work for you. Record everything you eat for a week, longer would be better, and then start from there. Subtract 500 kcal and see what happens. You will lose 5lbs doing any diet in a week from water loss. Pounds lost don’t mean shit, % fat lost is what you should be concerned with. Massive eating, don’t diet, t-dog, t-dog 2.0 all have formulas for calorie calculation. Also JB’s site has a calculator if you must play. RECORD YOUR FOOD INTAKE, FOR GODS SAKE

Yeah, you need 1672 cals on regular days and 5421 on refeed days. Hope that helps!

Dude, you didn’t even take the time to post stats at all. Good luck.

Directly from his article (perhaps you should actually read it):

“Overfeed Days” (Days immediately following a weight training day): consume 2g P/lb of LBM, 3g C/lb of LBM, .4g F/lb of LBM.

Strict Days (All other days): consume 8 times LBM in calories; a minimum of 1/2 of these calories should be derived from protein.

I know exactly how many cals I am currently taking. 2500-2800 per day.

B/f is at 8%.

As for the Cheater’s Diet / EDT incarnation, I have not read that version. I will look for it thankyou.

If you are doing the original Cheater’s Diet, below are my current recommendations; if doing the CD/EDT program; it’s all mapped out in the article over at the Lair of the Ice Dog:

Should I have written the original article today, I’m not afraid to admit that my current recommendations would differ from those previously published. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks (or benefits, depending on how you look at it) of continually learning. So, instead of sticking to my guns and playing the role of an egotistical ass, I’m going to inform you of a few changes that I’d like to make to the original protocol:

Change #1: Caloric Intake on Strict Days

In the original article I had recommended that individuals simply subtract 1500-2000 calories from their maintenance intake to find the amount of calories they should be consuming on strict days of the Cheater’s Diet. This would mean that an individual with a maintenance intake of 4000 calories would still be consuming around 2500 calories daily while dieting severely. For individuals with higher maintenance intakes, this wasn’t working too well. While this approach works well for individuals on moderate cutting cycles, it doesn?t seem to carry over to severe dieting and fast fat loss. After adjusting the caloric intake of these individuals to around 8 times their lean body mass (LBM; total mass minus fat mass), they obtained much better results. Yes, you read it correctly, I am now recommending the same 8 times LBM figure that I was adamantly against in the original article. Feel free to slap me next time you see me.

Change #2: Meal or Session?

Previously, for those individuals who needed to go with a more moderate approach, I recommended that a single cheat meal or a single high carbohydrate meal be consumed on the designated days; however, after doing more research I have found that while a single meal may provide some psychological benefit, it probably wont yield the desired physiological benefit (continual fat loss) in that it isn’t going to substantially alter serum leptin concentrations. In order to get the desired leptin response, the overfeed must be of longer duration and of greater caloric value. Here are my most recent carb overfeeding recommendations, which have been working well for most dieters:

It should be at least 8 hours in length (similar to the cheating session).

The caloric value should be 1-1.25 times your maintenance intake. So, if your maintenance caloric intake is 3000, you would then need to consume 3000-3750 calories over the 8 hour time frame.

The macronutrient breakdown should be 65-70% carbs, 25-30% protein, and minimal fat.

The best carb sources to use are those that have a high glycemic index as these work best to restore fallen leptin levels. Foods such as pretzels, bread, pasta, potatoes, low-fat cookies, etc should be staple foods during a carb overfeeding session.

As crazy as it sounds, some individuals have actually reported better results with a full-fledged, all-out, eat-whatever-the-heck-they-want cheat session, then with a controlled, extended carbohydrate overfeed. Therefore, your choice of which protocol to use should be based on what you know about your body and how it has reacted to cheating in the past.