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Cheater's Diet/Meltdown I

just some results using the cheater’s diet with meltdown training. started out at around 11-12% body fat…as measured by fat track digital calipers. 200lbs 5’9. bodyfat is down to 10.1% while maintaining the same weight. Using mag-10 as a supplement as well as md6 and T2-Pro. Been on for two weeks and hoping the next two will drop me down to my goal of 8% or less. i love this shit!!!

I noticed something similar big. I ate for 4 days very clean, then hit up Jack N The Box. I woke up dreading to see the damage but I was shocked. I stayed lean while filling out a little. Dont have any body comp measurements but the clothing and mirror test convince me. There might somethin to that Cheater’s Diet.

Thanks for posting your results. What type of cheating were you employing? All out or extended carb refeeds? Congrats on the progress.

ive been basically doing it like this, wednesday i do three “diet meals” then three cheat meals which consist of actually eating some bread, apple or two, whole grain toast with all natural jelly, and a lil pnut butter, not too much for fat purposes, pretzels, and then one or two real bad things like slice of pizza or some chocolate…i keep those to a minimum, but incorporate to feel human. saturdays i allow a tad more leeway with cheating, but i still try to keep the carbs as grains, pretzels and other decent carbs…i refeed for 8 hours after my last diet meal then fall into my carb induced coma for the night.

Cool stuff. While some may not see any measurable fat gain as a result of the cheat, others experience a slight gain- dont worry if you are the latter. The important thing is that the cheat will allow you to shed more fat over the course of the next few days, especially when fat loss has plateaued. Keeping that in mind, the approach you choose (all out cheats or extended carb refeeds) is still important to limit fat gain, if any.

That sounds like a good approach; very similar to what I do. If i’m craving something, I’ll eat it, but generally try to stick to bread, pasta, pretzels, low fat pop tarts, and all that good stuff i’ve been recommending. What is most important is that you found an approach that works for you, both psychologically and physiologically. Great job!

definately the psychological part man…at first i tried an all out fat fast similar to what you said in your article…i stuck to it…but mentally i felt like a ball of shit…now it’s easy to control calorie intake knowing that i can cheat those two nites…i look forward to them, but once im done i know that if i ever ate carbs like that everyday id feel all kinds of fat. the full feeling is great, but it definately makes it better to only have it twice a week.

Cool stuff, bud. Send some feedback to T-mag. Keep it up!