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Cheater's diet logs!!!!

I have been posting my first two days of the cheaters diet routine on another thread. I will start this one and see if others are interested in posting theres. A little background (5’7", 170lbs., 6.2%BF) plan on cheating on thursday and sunday, and finish off the day of thanksgiving! As for today (day 3) it looked like this:

Meal 1: Post shake P-20,C-42,F-2
Meal 2: Chicken & veggies P-20,C-7,F-0
Meal 3: Can of Tuna & Cottage ch. P-40,C-2,F-2
MEal 4:Promax bar P-20, C-41, F-7
Meal 5: Salad, 8 egg whites P-43, C-5, F-10
Meal 6: Myoplex low carb shake + Natural PB P-30,C-20,F-18
Total P-173,C-117,F-39 Calories-1511
I started on monday and started using md6 w/old t2, but as of today I cut out both and only use the ec stack when Joel recommends it in his article. After thanksgiving to return to maintance I plan on going about 240g of protein, 120-140g of carbs, and 80g of fat. This is perhaps my biggest problem or dilemma after finishing diets is how to bounce back without gaining the weight back. Well can’t wait till tommorrow and basically pig out for 8 hours. It’s gonna be fun.