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Cheater's diet carbup

I do not get the psychological benefits from cheat meals that are said to be a good reason for the Cheater’s Diet. In fact, I get a negative psychological effect; therefore, I prefer a clean carb up day as proposed by Shugart. How many carbs should I shoot for this day? I haven’t seen any recommendations, just a single cheat meal or a clean carb up all day. The carb up day is tommorow, and I’m going for around a kilo of carbs and at least 200g fiber. If you would like to give me some additional advice, please continue reading. It will include oats, pasta, rice, potatoes and their variants, pancakes (ok, not so clean), yogurt, barley, wheat germ, and possibly honey (not sure if this is a good choice for the day) and protein sources will be mainly cottage cheese, powders and deer, but will include some chicken and pink salmon. My regular day is 120-150g fiber and about the same of other carbs from fruits and veggies only. My other carb up of the week is a cheat meal. It resembles Waterbury’s hard gainer post workout feast. It includes grape nuts, oats, honey, maltodextrin, corn, and yoguart, among a few others. Thanks in advance.

At least 200g of fiber? Am I reading this right?

I know that a good rule of thumb is to calculate your total weekly allowance of carbs as bodyweight multiplied by five. This should give you a rough estimate.