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Cheater's Diet article

I’m interested in going on the legal steroid diet but am confused when people keep refering me to the cheaters diet article. Could someone please give me some info.? Yo!

That's a link to the article, but I would suggest following the carb refeed protocol that I layed out in the "how often should carb up" thread. The science and training can be found in the above link, however.

This kind of stuff messes with my head. I get so into wanting to do it EXACTLY the right way that I get very picky and want to know everything. I understand the supplement and training so far, but I’m still confused on the diet. 1per/lb of protein, 100 grams carbs after workout, and low fat for 2 weeks. What diet should I follow for the M-10 “off” weeks? Or should I stay on mag-10 for a longer period? Thank you

I forgot to add this in to my 2nd post. When looking for how many calories I need, is this whenI would refer to the cheaters diet article???

I’ll do my best to help you. What is your maintenance calorie level?

JB, read the article “the cheaters diet”, it’s short and in simple english. Also, read the thread that Joel referred to earlier in this Post. That will answer all your questions.

Thanks Boxer.

I’m 240 at around 14-15% bodyfat. I guess that means my maintnence is 240 x 10??? so 2400 cals sir.