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Cheaters Diet(And yes I have searched the forum so Please respond)

Joel, I have read your article, searched the forum etc, but as far as I can see this question has not been covered. If it has sorry for asking again. I was wondering if you still advocate the cheat day/meal while using T2 Pro. My understanding of the supplement is that it upregulates the metabolism so that you won;t stall out on diets. You mentioned a bunch of benefits from the cheating and I think you are going to answer that you still recommend it. Possibly because of the effects on Leptin. I really don’t know how leptin works so if there are any reasons why you still recommend it could you explain. Thanks,
:slight_smile: Groove

I actually just asked John Roman about this yesterday. He basically said what you said about Leptin. So in fact it would probably be a good idea to cheat.

Joel Marion: Any chance you are doing an article about Leptin? I’d certainly like to know more.

I’d probably drop the T2Pro in this circumstance as i doubt it will provide any extra benefits with the cheats, etc; what kind of diet are you using? If following the protocol set forth in the article, then mag10, md6, and surge should suffice for the supplements.

As far as the leptin article, it is a possibility for the future.

I am doing the fat fast but with whole food instead of protein powder, as was suggested by several people on the forum.
I live in Canada so I have no way of getting Mag 10 or surge. I actually was just down in Portland and picked up some 4 Ad EC (because of money restraints I decided against MAg 10)

I have absolutely no money left to spend on supplements(poor university student) but this is what I have in my reserves.
4.5 bottles of Methoxy
1.5 bottles 4 AD EC
1.75 bottles T2 Pro
2 Bottles M
1 Tub Power drive
I am also using plain creatine monohydrate.
I am eating 1400 calories per day at 192 17.6% BF. Chicken, Beef, egg whites, tuna, salmon, 6 grams EPA/DHA, is what my diet consists of. Any reason why I wouldn;t be able to eat the yolks on this diet?
What plan would you follow for the supplements I have on this diet?
I really appreciate your help,

I’d definitely be using the 4adec w/ such a low caloric intake, and incorporating some carb overfeeds every 4th evening or so. Check out the thread “how often should carb up” on the forum and the carb overfeed protocols are there.


I can’t see why you wouldn’t eat the egg yolks. Not only are you dieting, but you’re poor as well. :slight_smile: Most of the food value of eggs is in the yolk. I personally eat (when not dieting) 12 eggs a day. As long as I eat plenty of fat, and lots of fibre, I’m not worried about cholesterol.

I was wondering why you don’t think T2 would be good with the cheater’s diet. Wouldn’t it help to keep your metabolism up, and then when you cheat, that would raise your metabolism more? Could you explain your reasoning in a little more depth? Thanks for the help.