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Cheater Deadlift (Sumo) Form Check

Hey guys, please critique my technique

Dropped weight significantly on my conventional as I’m still trying to sort technique out. So as of the moment, if I feel the itch to feel “heavy” in my hands, I do some sumo. Please tell me what to improve on. Thanks!

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So, being pedantic as we must with Sumo.

Your reset between reps is a little lazy, you get away with it because the weight is relatively light for you.

This leads to the second issue, on some of the pulls the weight gets away Infront of you a little bit. Again not a problem at this %, but will make life harder at higher intensities.

I feel like you’re leaving a little bit on the table by not really focusing on getting your groin as ‘over the bar as possible’ with your hips starting a little further away from the bar than it looks like you could.

A pretty clean looking sumo by all accounts, this is just being picky.

Not much else to point out from this angle that I can see.

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Not really sure what you mean by getting my groin over the bar as possible. Care to expound?

Thanks for the pointers man. Will work on not letting the bar drift forward

For me it’s actually my.number one mental cue for sumo.

People often misinterpret it as meaning getting your groin ‘closer’ to.tje bar, and start with hips lower, not what I mean.

It’s about getting the perpendicular distance between your hips and the bar line as small as possible.

Basically spreading your knees and opening your hips and pulling yourself towards the bar to initiate the pull. It just optimises your start position, getting your torso as vertical as possible. It’s something you see Belkin drawing mechanics diagrams of.

It’s a bit of a difficult concept to explain but try and play around with it.

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I think I get what you mean. That way, there should also be less slack on the bar before pulling. Correct? I’ll try to look for those Belkin things you were saying. Thanks man!

Exactly that, when you watch the big sumo pullers pull the slack, they are doing it by bringing their hips forward and getting upright, rather than initiating the pull.


Gotcha. My leverages and hips seem better for sumo, but I don’t want to give up on my conventional just yet!

Is it my imagination? looks like your hips and legs have beefed up from earlier video you have posted.

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Even if it were just your imagination, I’d still take that as a compliment, coming from you, good sir. Haha.

But to answer your question, well, some of my shorts and pants feel a little tighter at the thighs. Just a little.


Well it was ment as a compliment.

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Hehe yep, and thanks!

I still can’t figure out Sumo. It lights my adductors UP, even to the point of testicular pain (my PT and Doc both said its something to do with pain receptors in that area). Like I get the theory of the groin over the bar, but when the weight hits a certain point, my body doesnt wanna do it.

@whang - how do you position your feet on sumo? Like degree wise how much do you turn yout feet out? And are your ankles/shin/knee stacked? I seen big pullers do it even wider than that

@SOUL_FIGHTER I haven’t pulled sumo long enough to start experimenting yet (less than 20 sessions pulling sumo with most of it right after conventional). Just went with the basic set up; feet at 45 degrees, knees stacked directly over ankles as much as possible, so perpendicular looking from the front and from the sides.

Watched a lot of videos, but if I had to pick one, I think this would have to be it

I was just being sarcastic with sumo = cheating. If your hips aren’t built for it, then it’s gonna suck for sure. Same goes for conventional. I’m no anatomy expert, but that may be what’s causing you issues in your adductors. Anyway, hope the video helps man

Not whang, but for me 45 degrees or wider just feels super unstable. My best pulls my feet are something like 25-30 degrees out, despite a wide foot placement. I set my thighs and feet both at 45, then keeping my legs still I turn my feet in, then try to twist them back out against the floor, this helps me feel the torque through my feet.

If you’re feeling it through your groin it sounds like your glutes aren’t working hard enough to keep your knees out.


Turn the feet in before you twist them out, I like that.

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Good/bad girls with bands fixed mine. My right side would light up and my hip would actually pop. Been doing GG/BG as warm up on leg days and I can pull pain free. May be worth a try.


Glad you guys mentioned feet. Wasn’t thinking about applying torque or whatever at all

Looks decent, Pinky pretty much covered everything.

The way Chris Duffin explained it was get your hips as close to the bar as possible while keeping them as high as possible. Too low and there’s no tension in the hamstrings, too high and it’s a SLDL with no quad involvement.


A very nice way of explaining it, it’s a hard concept to convey sometimes


Got it! Thanks. Duffin’s a beast!