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Cheat Week...Help!

OK guys i went away to the Bahamas…yes very niice, for a week. I went away for a week, and like you would imagine drank everyday for 7 days. Not excessive but drank nevertheless. I brought my tuna fish, oatmeal, protien powders, etc, and got laughed at by all my freinds, but damnit i refused to lose my hard earned mass and get fat. i worked out twice at their gym, where i met anthony dorsett of the titans, now with the raiders, who saw me doing davies complexes and was very impressed asking me where i had gotten the movement, telling me he was going to take it back to his S and C coaches, he was with out a doubt one of the coolest nicest guys i have ever met, not to mention he was absolutly jacked…and i ran the beach doing fartlecks twice. However with my slow metabolism and the occasional burger, or fried conch, by the end of the week i had myself feeling like a balloon and lost my lower abs with my upper abs on the verge of dissapearance. any tips on how to get back into the swing of things, after a very intense cheat week…oh yea another thing i got maybe 4 hours of sleep or less each day…i dont wanna do anything drastic like starve myself to get back i’m not an idiot, i’m gonna get back into my davies style workouts ina few days and start up right were i left off in my workouts, any opinions or tips on what i should do??

Just relax and slowly get back into your regular routine. I meant “relax” as in, don’t stress over not “seeing the lower abs”. It’s good that you don’t want to do anything drastic - and you won’t need to.

Just do as you have planned: "get back into the davies' style workouts in a few days....start were I left off..." Oh, and hopefully you're drinking plenty of water. I find that after a few days of eating more than I normally do, upping the water intake helps tremendously!

like patricia said, dont worry. by the end of a week, im sure you’ll be able to see lower abs, and one week like that isnt going to make your 51 weeks of hard work dissapear. believe me, im not bagging on you. i still get the same way at times. just gotta tell myself not to worry